Have You Noticed?

Have you noticed that the number of annoying Migalki (flashing blue lights) seem to have reduced. When was the last time you got forced to swerve out of the way by a bully on wheels on Moscow’s roads?

Have you noticed that Moscow’s roads have been invaded by an army of cameras? Probably not, because very few have warning signs. Be this as it may, Moscow drivers have become noticeably more courteous over the past few months, except when it comes to parking which is still very cavalier.

That there are hundreds of new expats here? Most of them are younger than their predecessors (thank goodness) and don’t necessarily frequent the same sort of bars/hang outs that their older peers have helped establish. The anglophone community has never been the only community of foreigners here; now there seem to be more and more central and northern Europeans.

Bus lanes! Are they real? Are they working? So many roads were resurfaced this summer. The bus lanes were repainted on most of them but most of the signs remain covered up. As a result, drivers do not know if it is OK to drive down them or not. Most are prepared to take the risk and do.

If you have noticed anything interesting about living in Moscow, please send a short text to: [email protected]