Embassies of the World Dinner and Ball

iwc-ball-2014-318x468The Embassies of the World Dinner and Ball is coming up on Saturday the 1st of March. Moscow expat Life talked to IWC President Izabella Zajaczkowska, spouse of the Embassador of Poland and Sonia Michon-Floc’hlay, IWC PR chair to tell us about what’s been planned for this year’s event.

What exactly is Embassies of the World Dinner and Ball?

Izabella Zajaczkowska: This is a Gala Ball with participation of several of the embassies in Moscow. Ambassadors welcome guests who dine in their embassies or residences. Guests have an excellent chance to network over dinner because these are fairly intimate gatherings of between 8 and 24 people. Then everybody goes to the Gala Ball itself.

The ball has been running for 18 years now. It started in 1997, when the wife of the Norwegian ambassador at the time had the idea of creating this event. Since then it has taken place every year, has grown each year and become more and more prestigious. The Moscow International Community is pretty familiar with the event. I think I am right in saying that this it is one of the most, or the most prestigious and glamorous international events on the social calendar in Moscow. We expect around 300 guests this year.

Is there anything special about this year’s ball?

SoniaA SAV_3638Sonia Michon-Floc’hlay: This year’s ball is a special because it marks the IWC’s 35th anniversary. Izabella, who will host this year’s ball, has been very clear about marking our anniversary, so that we are really going to make this event something amazing. During the evening, we want to emphasise the underlying international character of the IWC, which is an international community with about 700 members, representing over 70 nationalities, and hence this year’s theme is: ‘Dance and Romance Around The World.’

To celebrate this anniversary we have planned a few surprises from a special raffle on the one hand; because the ball is not only about glamour and dance, it’s also about raising money for charity, and this is one of the IWC’s main fundraising events of the year. All proceeds from the ball go to support over 20 charities in Russia. We wouldn’t be able to do this if we didn’t have the support of the diplomatic community, of the expat community, and of major companies operating in Russia, all of whom make this possible. Apart from the raffle, we have a silent auction and some special birthday highlights to mark the IWC’s anniversary. So it’s going to be an evening of elegance and a gala in the true sense of the word if I may say.

How can people participate?

izabellaIzabella Zajaczkowska: Basically, buying tickets is the way to participate! The ball is open to everybody. Guests have two options of tickets. There are ‘ball only’ tickets, that’s without the dinner at an embassy, for 5,400 roubles per person. And then there are ‘dinner and ball’ tickets which can be purchased for 8,500 roubles each. They can be bought via our website at: www.iwcmoscow.ru or at any of the IWC meetings such as the IWC’s coffee mornings and general meetings. Tickets for the ball can also be bought at the Hotel Metropol on the evening of the event itself, the ball starts at 9.30pm.

The dress code is black tie, evening gown.