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John Harrison Editor

John Harrison

This issue we have a broad selection of reading material for you, all of which has very little to do with current political arguments, but hopefully everything to do with working and living here.

Our main feature article continues the education theme
 and concentrates on pre-school education. Parents and educators try to shed some light on the highly complex issues involved in not only choosing the right school, but the right kind of school, as choice in Moscow is wider than one might think.

As the fall sets in and we drift slowly into longer nights and darker days, Lucy Kenyon and Dr Ksenia Yadykina inform us that getting depressed is nothing unusual, it has got something to do with the way that the lack of daylight alters our perception, and thus our ability to cope. ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’ (SAD) is in fact a recognized illness and treatable.

The International Women’s Club has always been a key element of Moscow expat culture. In this issue, current IWC President Izabella Zajączkowska and Sonya Michon Floc’hay, IWC PR Chair talk about the work of their organization, and the challenges involved in heading up an organization that does such amazing work in bringing together and supporting women from all over the world.

In our continuing drive to include expats not just from the Anglo-American communities,
we feature reports of the Wirtschaftsclubrussland, Kasper Ditlevsen, the chairman of the Dutch Business Club, Canadians Mark and Lois Gilbert, and an interview with the His Excellency the Indonesian Ambassador. We also include the ultimate biker Peter Dick from middle-England, whose attitude is totally addictive.

The Moscow Good Food Club started off with a bang at Night Flight in July, and you can read exactly what happened on that eventful evening in this issue. Enjoy.