Editor’s Pick – Winter 2013

John Harrison Editor

John Harrison


It has been a memorable late summer and Autumn. Two huge new expat eating and drinking venues have opened up: The StandarD and the re-branded Papa’s. Both opening parties were spectacular, and both were attended by old timers and the new, younger generation of expats who have recently crossed the border into this vast, multi-cultured, difficult-to-define continental experience that we call Russia.

Generations met again at the Night Flight party organised by the BBC in September. There was an age gap of 30 years, all united by common interests. For the newly arrived, Brian Johnson’s article: The Truth About IFAs’ on pages 36 & 37 will perhaps
be of interest. Marauding finance companies that cruise in expat waters are just one of the potential threats. So are parenting issues, as discussed by regular contributor Jay May, himself a stay-at-home dad, who offers a survival guide for young parents in Moscow on pages 20 & 21. There are a host of other such topics which we are only too well aware of, and which we will cover, issue by issue, in this periodical.

The Moscow Good Food Club is going from strength to strength. Meetings are now monthly, and we feature two such gatherings in this issue, at the MUZEY restaurant and the OSTERIA della piazza BIANCA.

Moscow continues to transform before our eyes. Suddenly we have pedestrian zones opening up, making it possible to traverse large sections
of the metropolis without confronting any cars. Check out our report on newly pedestrianized Bolshaya Dmitovka and Nikolaiskaya Ulitsa on pages 66  67.

We wish you all seasonal greetings, and share the perennial John Roche’s charitable message (pages 60 & 61).  Even we busy-ultra expats have time to relax with a nice Riesling or Beaujolais. OK, perhaps vodka and orange? And a copy of Moscow expat Life to while away those long winter nights with nothing to do except enjoy. Oh life is so hard!

Seasonal Greetings!