Editor’s Letter – Summer Issue

John Harrison Editor

John Harrison

The summer is here at last, and hasn’t it been a long time coming? There was still snow lying on the ground in the Moscow Oblast as this summer edition of Moscow expat Life went to print. The late spring helped the attendance figures at a spree of community events in April and May, culminating in the outrageous National Day celebrated by the Dutch at the Pushkin museum. This event turned into a double-whammy as it coincided with the abdication of Queen Beatrix and the inauguration of her 45 year-old son Prince Willem-Alexander as King. The Dutch community in Moscow is still recovering.

Health is of concern to everybody who lives here. As part of an on-going series on health care facilities available in this city, Moscow expat Life looks at the Russian health service. Continuing this theme, we provide in this issue a comprehensive list of municipal and private fitness centres, so if you have not pumped enough iron to chase the winter blues away, or flown off to Thailand, you no longer have any choice but to head down to your local fitness centre and tune those muscles!

Moscow expat Life has started holding breakfast seminars at Kitchenette restaurant, the first of which is reported on in this issue. Two long time expats; David Gilmartin and Lucy Kenyon share their knowledge of education opportunities available in Moscow for our children. If you have any suggestions for future themes, and/or would like to attend yourself, please write to me. In general we try to write about issues and themes that are of important to you, so please do get in touch.