Selection_013Would you like to take a break with a difference from the humdrum of Moscow life? Would you like to go fishing, horse-riding, ride in a horse drawn carriage, go quadracycling, participate in master classes on cheese making and meat preparation, go on picnics deep in the forest by horseback, or just take it easy in a beautiful lake-shore wooden Russian home, all at very reasonable prices? If the answer is yes, the ecologically friendly agricultural and eco-tourism centre Bogdarnya, which is a three hour drive or two hour train journey west of Moscow, is for you. Here you can enjoy all that authentic Russian culture and traditions have to offer, but with western service.

Weekend breaks for families

Facilities at Bogdarnya are extensive enough to offer a huge variety of activities and programmes for groups and individuals, yet all programmes can be tailor-made to suit the unique demands of the individual or group. Families may wish to go kayaking together for example, or parents may wish to let the children join a supervised group of other children whilst they enjoy some well-earned time off.
Finding a farm where children can play with rabbits, collect eggs from hens, brush down a pony before going on a trek, feed horses and sheep is surprisingly difficult to do in Russia. A special ‘touch zone’ has been set up at Bogdarnya to let children do exactly this. Other organised activities for children include experiencing the wilderness of the Russian countryside on camping trips deep into the forest, going kayaking, going on a barbeque, boy-scout type camps, arts & crafts activities, horse-riding lessons, or simply learning how to find and pick mushrooms in the forest.

Families may also wish to visit Bogdarnya during a Russian festival, as all the main traditional occasions are celebrated with great style with period costumes and authentic food and entertainment.

Selection_014Individual sightseeing tours in the ‘Golden Ring’.

Bogdarnya is situated within easy striking distance of two gems of the ‘Golden Ring’ of special spiritual centres: Vladimir and Suzdal. Using Bogdarnya as a base, you can explore these towns and other less known centres of Russian architectural and cultural interest.

Master Classes

Visiting a farm where of meat and dairy products are produced by hand means that you are visiting a centre of knowledge that can be shared. At a master class of meat appreciation, you can learn how animals are reared, what they are fed before slaughtering, and how this alters the taste of the meat. You can also pick up important tips of how to cook your favourite meat dish, so that it not only looks good but tastes great as well. Next time you are at a steakhouse, you will be able to tell just how good the meat is, and how old it is.

Cheese is something few of us have ever thought of making ourselves, yet this is exactly what a master class on cheese production at Bogdarnya will teach you. Through learning how good cheese is made, you will be able to distinguish more easily between good, bad, and excellent cheese, as well as equip yourself with the skills to make your first cheese yourself, if you want.

Selection_015Whatever you want in terms of a break or holiday, you can find it at Bogdarnya. Give us a ring and find out what we can do for you.

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A 20 bedroom hotel in the heart of the Bogdarnya complex will open by October, whilst meantime off-complex hotel accommodation is only 20 minutes away.
Lakeshore traditional Russian cottages with all modern facilities are also available


Horse-riding and lessons

Camping and fishing


‘Animal Touch Centre’ for children

Master classes in meat and cheese preparation

Celebration of traditional Russian festivals


Quadracycle lessons and forest tours

Excursions of horse drawn carriages

Sauna and Banya

Parties and weddings

Corporate events (conferences, team bonding, annual events)