Tula Region



If the Kaluga region has during recent years gained a name for itself as the region of Russia with the most attractive conditions for investment and industrial development, then in my view the Tula region is next in line. In many ways the area has more to offer.

During the tenure of the former Governor, much work has been accomplished; first and foremost in up-grading the aged infrastructure and creating the framework necessary for further development to take place. The hidden advantage in key areas having been neglected for so long (e.g. agriculture) is that vast stretches of potentially good farmland lie ready and waiting for new ventures to come along and make a fresh start.

In the manufacturing sector, the Tula region has a long tradition, stretching back to pre-revolutionary times, of industrial activity in food processing, firearms, heavy machinery, chemicals and metallurgy, transport engineering etc., and is renowned still for its famous samovars. Consequently, it is not difficult to find the level of technical expertise amongst a well-educated workforce necessary for the implementation of the most complex types of processes.

There are also a number of industrial parks, either already operating or under construction, to provide facilities and services for new investment coming into the area. One of the most prominent of these is the Tula Industrial Park. The instigator and CEO is Ilya Tolstoy, also General Manager of the family estate in Yasnaya Polyana, home of the novelist Leo Tolstoy. The TI-Park project is a joint venture with the Tula Development Corporation as a public-private partnership for the implementation of investment projects in “all spheres of life”. The priorities of the organisation are the safe support of business development, technology clusters and industrial zones in the Tula region.

Other organisations have been established with the support of the regional government to promote and foster the investment climate, providing initiatives, support and coordination for attracting inward investment to the region. The most active and influential of these is the Tula branch of the Eurasian Business Union, Delovoye Soyuz Evroasia, established and managed at federal level by Pavel Borodin, the former head of the presidential administration. Our company, ADC Realty Ltd., is one of the founder members and the general director, Alexander Zakharov, sits on the board. We will also chair the committee for foreign investment and thereby play our part in the future development of the region.