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Well talk about a Leap Year, this one is definitely starting out as a leap of faith. As businesses keep closing, new venues keep popping up, and only the strong have survived. After 23 years of living here I have seen many things but though I still have faith, 2015 was one of the most difficult years I have ever seen and of course it affected the Restaurant, Club, and Bar business. We have seen entire buildings sweep away in a single night, the rise in cost of goods, and the government implementing rules and regulations in regards to alcohol sales further raising taxes making everything more expensive.

With all that being said, Russia is still a land for dreamers and if you work hard you can see that there is an open horizon ahead. The tourism business will excel this year, so will the food & beverage trade. Places like Imagine Café, Coyote Ugly, Dirty Blonde, Tap & Barrel Pub, Chicago Prime, and of course Papa’s Bar & Grill already have a strong foothold in the market so I believe you can depend on them being around for a long time. I know I repeatedly mention Papa’s over the issues but it is a strong example of a business giving people what they want, with record sales in the first two months of 2016 to prove it. On February 26th Papa’s opened a second venue called ‘Papa’Zoo Bar & Grill’ which looks to prove that the formula really works, so much so that I have put my project on the back burner to ride shotgun on this project.

Whatever your taste, Moscow still has a huge selection of places to go and see so get out there and have a look. Moscow is and will continue to be the city that never sleeps.


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