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We are moving into spring and early summer, which are the best seasons for Moscow’s nightlife. Cafés and restaurants will again conquer the sidewalks. Bars and clubs will fight each other with the best open-air terraces and views. Moscow at its best.

Feel like catching some of the Russian pop star glam? Go visit Emin Agalarovs ‘Rose-Bar’, which he designed himself. The glass roof can be partially opened and the venue is trying to give you the feeling of being on a stylish yacht.

‘Motel’ is probably the most fashionable place to be these days, it seems inspired by 1970s styled hotels in the U.S. and Tarantinos movies. It offers a lobby and a few rooms, where people can hang out and sip cocktails, while listening to Mashup Pop Music.

‘Kvartira’ became the hardest door of Moscow. The semi-private member club at Rochdelskaya is the favorite meeting place for Moscow’s rich and beautiful. They’ll meet at ‘Duran Bar’ for a few drinks on the open air terrace (Be aware! Its also a very hard to get in venue) and move over to ‘Kvartira’ for the afterparty. While you can always line up at ‘Duran Bars’ door and you might even have a chance, if you come early and are properly dressed for a Moscow elite place, you won’t have a chance at ‘Kvartira,’ unless you are on the guest-list.

Despite the need for some fresh, open-air, during this season; the secret hideout of Mendeleev, is still my favorite place and ‘living room’ these days. They manage to make the stretch between stylish bar and minimal techno club, where you can get some of Moscow’s best cocktails, but also listen to Berlin styled tunes.

‘Jagger’ is still the best party bar, especially with its summer terrace.

‘Konstruktor’ is a new underground venue. Its Art Director Sergey Sergeev used to be the director of places like Solyanka and LOL, so you know what to expect. You’ll find more of that on the art play rooftop bar ‘Rodnya’.

‘Time Out Bar’ is planning a roof for their terraces. I’ve seen the plans on Facebook and now I am wondering, when the construction will take place. It will make the terraces weatherproof, but also take away that special open-air feeling, which we all loved so much.

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