Real Food Restaurant. A night of the superlatives!



The Crowne Plaza/World Trade Centre in Moscow are generally not associated with fine dining but therein lies quite a secret as hidden in the corridors of this massive complex is Mikhail Kuznetsov one of Moscow’s most talented Chefs. The Moscow Good Food Club was pleased to accept the invitation to return and we were not disappointed!

We were all made to feel most welcome in the Real Food Restaurant and the proffered Prosecco Casa Defra helped the conversation flow as we met old friends and new members. To accompany the Prosecco were prawn and ginger wontons based on batatas, goat cheese espuma and mini-burgers with fig cream. With regular top ups to our glasses, the festive feeling soon commenced!

On taking our seats on beautifully decorated tables we were introduced to Mikhail Kuznetsov and to our Sommelier Vladimir Sinitsin. Mikhail explained that the menu was compiled around Autumn, with warm, stronger flavours to prepare for the coming winter!

The first course was a delicious serving of North Crab with Salmon and Avocado which was a beautifully balanced creation which ideally suited the accompanying Muscadet Sevre et Maine AOC’2013 Domaine Gadais Pere & Fils.

The salad course was a perfect salad of Ripe Baku tomatoes with tomato jam, Pesto and Parmesan cheese accompanied by an excellent 2013 Gruener Vetliner Laurentz V from Austria.

The soup dish excelled our expectations; it was an elegant and light Cappuccino soup with salsify, Parmesan nuggets, pancetta and foie gras steak.

This was soon followed by the first of our main courses, the Mero Filet with bacon, chicory, mashed celery and red wine sauce accompanied by a lively Sharis delle Venezia IGT’2014 Livio Felluga.

The second main course was an extremely tasty and beautifully presented duck fillet with young beetroot and rhubarb cream. In continuation with the around the world wine theme this was perfectly accompanied buy a deep Kindzmarauli 2014 Bisini. An amazing combination.

Six courses down and 5 wines later we took a short break to digest and appreciate what we had imbibed upon. But the kitchen would not let us rest and presented an astonishing dessert of Strawberries marinated with vanilla olive oil served with basil ice cream. This was accompanied by our last wine a Moscatel de Setubal D.O. 2012 Bacalhoa from Portugal. What an amazing finish to an amazing meal.

Selection_098All tables were unanimous of their praise for the inventive and beautifully presented dishes from Mikhail Kuznetsov and his team. The wine selection from Vladimir Sinitsin was very much appreciated and the level of service exemplary and highly commendable.

So our congratulations to Director Dmitry Motorin and all of his incredible team for a most marvellous meal. We hope that we may return soon!

Before degenerating into a total comatose state after this fine meal and it’s liquid accompaniment, members were asked to comment on the topic:- ‘There appears to be a plethora of social events in Moscow where expats and Russians meet. Do any members attend or what are the suggestions for new special interest groups?’

As has become standard par for the course the answers were mostly illegible or incomprehensible but at least some people may think of ideas later!