Moscow Networking



It is no secret that business is currently a substantial challenge. Whilst some expats are leaving a majority are digging in their heels and using the wealth of their knowledge and experience to look for survival in these difficult times.

Networking has long been an essential component of any business but gone are the days of just meeting up with friends at the Business Clubs for a few beers, as a majority are now fighting to survive or re-invent themselves in these fast changing times.

To address the new business environment, Moscow expat Life decided to create a high level networking event specifically targeting senior management both expat and Russian and launched the first Moscow Networking – at its best! It was immediately apparent that there was an extreme need for this as registrations rolled in for the inaugural event and on the night of October 28th more than 80 expat and Russian business people descended on NightFlight for peer-peer networking and discussions.

The formula was relatively simple: high quality food, high quality drinks and high quality people to meet. The staff of NightFlight excelled with a superb Scandinavian buffet and their normal highly efficient service, the wine was good and plentiful as was the beer. People from a vast range of businesses and industries gathered with a primary aim of meeting and looking for new business contacts.

Sponsors of the evening included Polugar which is neither a vodka nor a liquor but a range of highly tasty rye distillates and Caffe Karoma provided really excellent coffee and teas. The result was a highly effective event for all, just what Moscow needs!