What do expatriate children think about Moscow?



Year 6, (Saudi Arabia)

There are many things to do in Moscow; you can shop ‘til you drop, go to museums, amusement parks, and last but not least, boat trips..

Year 10, (Slovakia)

My life has changed a lot in Russia. Most importantly, being here has taught me to respect and appreciate different nationalities and cultures, above all, Russian culture. Although my life has become a lot more serious over this period of time, there have been moments which I really enjoyed.

One of them was when I went to the Moscow planetarium with the school. Everyone was excited and the atmosphere was great. The planetarium was full of different experiments, which we were allowed to try and in the end we had a lot of fun with them. We took many photos and the teachers organised a ‘selfie’ competition. The best photos won a prize the next day.

Year 9, (USA)

I first moved to Moscow 6 years ago from Washington D.C – two very different cities. Moscow’s winters are definitely longer, colder and more dull. Even though it might have its disadvantages, something I look forward to every year during winter is the city’s outdoor ice skating rinks. Once the temperature falls, nearly every park opens one to public. This is definitely one of Moscow’s unique features. There’s nothing more pleasant than going ice skating on a sunny yet cold winter’s day, and later having a delightful hot chocolate to warm you up. You can always see small children playing in the snow, and everyone enjoying themselves and having fun. It certainly makes winter seem much less boring! When it gets dark, all the cheerful and colorful Christmas lights turn on and create a magical atmosphere around you.

YEAR 8, (Syria)

Moscow is one of the most amazing and interesting capitals in the world of remarkable sights and unique wonders. I have been to many amazing and incredible trips that have been organized by my school. During my second year in this school we had this amazing competition when we built snow forts in each group and then had an enormous snowball fight and several mini games planned for us by the teachers: capture the flag, building snow forts and last but not least we had the opportunity to just hang out with our friends from all around the world during school time and just do whatever we wanted, but that is not even the best part – we had many different wonderful types of food from all over the world.