Ye Great Pub Quiz comes to Moscow!

Selection_040From which animal do we make Roquefort cheese?
Which tennis player holds the record for most aces served in match?
Which two countries in South America do not share a border with Brazil?
The oldest and youngest US presidents were inaugurated exactly 20 years apart – who were they?
What was the name of the candlestick in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast?
‘It was a bright, cold day in April and the clocks were striking thirteen’ is the opening line of which novel?

Don’t sit at home on the Internet any more, go to pub quiz! Ha ha! No chance, we are in Moscow! Thanks to Londoner Jack Chapman who moved here a couple of years ago, you can now go to a pub quiz in Moscow. Jack usually holds his quizzes at The Standard Bar. Entrance fee is all of 150 roubles. There were about 80 people at the one I went to, and it was great to see the mostly expat crowd frowning, scribbling frantically on pieces of paper, whilst getting fairly drunk.

Jack used to do quizzes in London: “I couldn’t find anything like this is Moscow, and I thought it’d be nice to do this here.” About 60% of the audience are expats, which helps make the evenings swing along, as despite what we say about the universality of culture, many of the native audience are perplexed by all but the most obvious questions. ”Russians find it a bit baffling at times” commented Jack. “The expats get the point, which is to socialize with friends whilst doing something other than just drinking. I do make a point in making the questions as non-English as possible. Tonight, for example, there is an Australian guy fielding the questions, so there won’t be niche questions about what happened in East Enders last week or something like that. Often we make an effort to put Russian questions in to draw in the Russian crowd a bit more.”

Jack has already organized 15 quizzes over the last year and from the autumn says he will be organising events every two weeks.

For anybody wishing to find out more, look up Pub Quiz in Moscow on fb:  Pub Quiz on Facebook


Answers: Sheep, John Isner, Ecuador and Chile, JFK and Ronald Reagan, Lumiere, 1984