The Moscow Expat Football League


By James Goetz

The Moscow Expat Football (EFL) league is now in its 11th year! For all of us, it has been a focal point of what we do outside of work here in Moscow, for our sport and our social lives. It’s a group of men who are older than 28 years old and who are… expats (surprise)! Our league is made up of people 38 different nationalities, a true melting pot.

The new season starts this fall and any new players can write to [email protected] to be a part of the upcoming draft. The league is competitive and there is a large social aspect to the league as each team forms its own club and definitely rivalries persist. Currently we have 8 clubs participating and play on Saturday afternoons at Luzhniki on a full pitch, proper 11 on 11, with referees and a cameraman filming every second to be uploaded to YouTube later for eternity.

We will play to the end of November this year no matter the weather, and will continue drinking through the winter months.

Visit: to see the videos, stats and our players and join the fun!