The International School of Moscow

The International School of Moscow

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Raymond Finch, ISM Rosinka Head Teacher

What makes ISM a special school?

ISM is distinguished by the exceptional level of care and professionalism that’s invested in every detail of teaching, learning and school organisation. This is palpable when you enter the school at either site, Rosinka or Krylatskoe. We’re extremely proud of our school’s academic performance but arguably even more so of the curriculum enrichment that we offer in the form of our concerts, plays, instrument tuition, outdoor learning, art and craft, educational visits and sports coaching.

What are the advantages of an international school?

First is the somewhat obvious benefit of near-seamless continuity in your child’s education almost anywhere in the world. ISM’s an excellent choice for parents who are eager for their children to gain access to the world’s foremost private schools and universities, the overwhelming majority of which are English speaking.

International schools also generally offer very strong Modern Language programmes, offering children even of families who speak a single mother tongue at home to grow up bilingual. Educational research strongly suggests that this is hugely beneficial in terms of the development of listening and problem solving skills, social skills and general neural development.

International schools in Moscow can harness the rich cultural, historical and sporting heritage of one of the world’s most awe-inspiring cities to enhance the educational experience that they provide.

What do you think of Moscow/Russia/Russians?

I find it quite easy to communicate with Russian people and I feel that I have an above average understanding (for a foreigner) of their world view as well and the things that are important to them. While the fact that I was raised during the ‘Cold War’ will always mean that Moscow and Russia hold a certain excitement and fascination, I generally feel more at home here than in any part of the UK.

Paul Keach, Head of Secondary school, ISM Krylatskoe campus

What is so special about ISM?

Visitors, parents, inspectors and new students all agree that the reception that they receive upon entering our school is both unique and extremely welcoming. I am very proud of this and hope that, however big our school grows in the future, we will always remain a friendly, welcoming environment where people want to come to study, work and become members of the very special ISM Community.

What are the characteristics of teaching in Russia?

The expectations of students and parents are very high here. As Russia is relatively close to the United Kingdom, it is also very easy for parents to send their children to a boarding school in Britain. For these reasons, it is imperative that ISM is at the cutting edge of British education and provides an exceptional level of education for our students. The report from the Independent Schools’ Inspectorate, completed following their inspection of our school in 2013, stated that we were ‘excellent’ in all areas.

What are the advantages of an international school?

Students are privileged to be in classes with students from over fifty different nationalities. This promotes an environment where students develop a healthy interest in the diverse cultures and histories of many countries. At ISM, I believe that we are developing students with a passion to be ambassadors in the ‘Global Village’ that we now live in where people from all nationalities will communicate better and build a stronger, safer planet for future generations to enjoy.

What do you think of Moscow / Russia / Russians?

Moscow, Russia and Russians have broken all the pre-conceived stereotypes that I had of them before I came to Moscow three years ago. I have discovered one of the most diverse, changing, culturally gifted cities on Earth.

Salina Vigneault (parent):

“As expats, our primary concern has always been the quality of education for our children. With ISM we have been positively overwhelmed with the quality of the schooling, teaching staff, environment and security of the children”.

“Upon moving to Moscow, our family has fallen in love with ISM (Rosinka). The children love going to school, and their development has been excellent”.

Hana Skladalova (parent):

“ISM brings environment which leads children to be very creative. There is a great balance between clear demands on children but in the same moment keeping still pleasant atmosphere. Due to this we see very positive trend in improving of knowledge of our children.”

Sandra Kropp (parent):

“Our daughter Sarah joined the all new ISM year1 in Rosinka. She enjoys very much going to school as her teachers pay attention to her and encourage through positive feedback. Great to see her development especially gaining confidence in English and Russian language.”

2M pupil

“I enjoy coming to school at ISM Rosinka because our school is so fun to go to because we learn new things and we do lots of fun work. We do fun Mathematics.”

2P pupil

“I enjoy coming to school because on Friday we can have Bear Mike coming to one of our homes.”

Darjana (pupil), 3P

I like coming to school because every day I learn something new. ISM is great because we do lots of different and fun things and because I have lots of friends.

3P pupil

“I like coming to school because I really want to learn things. At school we do fun stuff and learn new things.”

7D pupil

My first thought of when it comes to the International school named ISM is quality. This is a high quality school including lots of amazing standard education. The school itself is really appealing to both your eyes and to your brain since here in ISM I have had an outstanding year, which is unfortunately passing way to quickly. I made a lot of great friends and I got to know everybody’s personality’s and in general It was a pleasure to spend my year in the Year 7D classroom thanks to our amazing teachers.

Alice Rybring (pupil) 6S

The best thing about ISM Rosinka is probably the nutritious lunches and after school activities. The after school activities, such as Folk dancing, yoga and cooking, are all amazing. The lunches keep students and teachers healthy.

Babette Oostveen (pupil), 5B

I love ISM Rosinka because teacher are always able to help you and all the lessons are so interesting. I’m sure that when I grow up, I won’t forget them. Going to the science lab to do the experiments can be both very educational and entertaining. My family and I made the right decision going to this school. We may be a new school here, but we will be famous in the future!