Yevgeni Demin, a man on a mission with an startling business philosophy, creative products, a highly motivated workforce and a genuine care for the environment. Read about the Splat story, a Russian success!
By Kim Waddoup

Sometimes, its hard to think of successful Russian companies, but then we start to look around and in addition to many giants of industry there are many highly successful Russian companies that have truly taken their well earned position on International markets.

When researching this article, we hardly expected toothpaste to feature but then we discovered a company called Splat!


Created back in 2003 by Yevgeni Demin and his wife, Splat is now the leading Russian developer and producer of innovative, professional oral care products controlling 13% of the Russian domestic market and currently exporting to 28 countries around the world. The company employs more than 700 people worldwide and follows many innovative and creative business philosophies including:-
• To be real, open and honest
• To be innovative and creative
• Be persistent and results-orientated
• Be the best in everything
• To grow, to improve oneself and to be open to new things
• To be optimistic and to believe in love
• To be self-confident and to enjoy life
• To love one’s work

A visit to the company’s production facility is almost like leaving Russia for a few hours! Located in the midst of deep forests in the ecological pure region of the Valdai, the company’s genuine environmental responsibility is easily apparent with a CO2 neutral production programme and a production line that many restaurant kitchens would be hard to beat. The management have striven to introduce and respect International norms in Russia and the list is impressive with GMP Cosmetics(ISO 22716), ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and certified to be in conformity with the EU Cosmetics Directive.

One can easily see the impressive management directives at work in the plant, which is bright, modern and so clean. The staff are generally local and much has been done to encourage their loyalty and dedication to attention through a well considered and environmentally compliant workplace more often seen in the US or Europe. The staff canteen is like a restaurant and only serves local produce and the facility even boasts a fully equipped gym with a full time fitness trainer.
In addition to an incredibly creative work ethos, Splat displays highly innovative deliberation to their many and varied products from Black Toothpaste to toothpaste with real gold. An amazing product of the new Russia and a company to watch for in the future.