Rotary Club Moscow International


The Rotary Club Moscow International was created in June 2001, by a group of people living and working in Moscow, coming from different countries. The club is one of more than 35.000 in the world that offers members fellowship and a special way to serve the community. Part of the Rotary International, present in 190 countries worldwide, their motto is “Service Above Self”

RCMI is the English speaking Rotary club gathering point for Rotarians from all over the world visiting Russia, and for expats in Moscow willing to dedicate a bit of their time and money to contribute to Club projects, while making friends with people from different origins and culture.

At present members come from Armenia, Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Greece, Italy, Japan, Serbia, Spain, and Russia. Rotary club members represent a ‘cross-section’ of the business and professional community. All Rotary clubs in the world are non-political, nonreligious, and open to all cultures, races, and creeds.

The main objective of Rotary is service – in the community, in the workplace, and throughout the world. Rotarians develop community service projects that address many of today’s most critical issues, such as children at risk, poverty and hunger, the environment, illiteracy, and violence. They also support programs for youth, educational opportunities and international exchanges for students, teachers, and other professionals, and vocational and career development.

At present, RCMI manages 3 main projects: the purchase of hearing aids for blind and deaf children of the specialised Institute of Sergev Posad (on-going project, started in 2006), the International Russian Rotary Children’s Music Competition (on-going project, started in 2002), and ‘RestartU’, RCMI’s newest project started in 2015, focused on purchasing ‘tailored made’ wheelchairs and ‘verticalisation’ equipment for children born with rare genetic diseases, in cooperation with the Center for Inborn Pathologies of Prof. Natalia Belova.

RCMI monthly meetings regularly include guest speakers who offer insights into their specialized subjects.

How does one apply for membership? The contact is: [email protected] As it is important that all members share the same idea of promoting friendship and “Service above Self”, RMCI ask people interested in Rotary to attend at least 5 meetings, in order to become better acquainted to each other. Then the applicant should have 2 “sponsors” among members of RCMI who are ready to support their candidacy, and should make a written application explaining their motivations to become a member. The application is reviewed by the Board of RCMI, which decides whether to accept it, based on the Club rules and principles.

You can find more information on the RCMI website