Expat Children’s Impressions of Moscow, by students of the International School of Moscow


Joseph Knight-Jones 5B, UK/South Africa

I would like to explain what it is like to live in Russia. Let us start with the autumns, that are without a doubt the most magnificent in the world. I wake up to see the leaves, as golden as syrup, falling from the beautiful trees. It’s a great time for walks in the enchanted forests as well cycling in the breath-taking parks with layers of leaves covering the concrete like a blanket. Winter is, in my opinion, the best season of all. During the cold winter, there are innumerable things to do like sledging, cross-country skiing and ice-skating. Glide on the ice-topped paradise, and afterwards you can enjoy a nice steamy cup of hot chocolate.

Some more fantastic things about Moscow are its restaurants of which there are many. My most treasured is Hatchapuri which is a Georgian restaurant with delectable food, but I would also recommend Stolovar which is a traditional Russian restaurant with irresistible pancakes!

I would definitely recommend moving to Moscow because it is a great adventure.

Alisa Sheridan, 6B, UK

Hi, my name is Alisa (11 years old) and I have two nationalities: Irish and Russian. In the twisted, complicated years of my past, I have travelled and visited many countries, and lived in seven. Moscow is my favourite that I have resided in, due to the adventures, challenges and eventful experiences I have had there.
Russia is beautiful in plenty of ways. The landmarks steal people’s eyesight. Nights in the town bring wonderful sunsets, and city lights shine to citizens’ dreams. Stunning monuments located in natural parks attract both residents and tourists every day. Weather is miraculous here! Winter – snow, spring – flowers, summer – heat, autumn – orange.

So why am I here? My dad’s job. He works non-stop and success is ahead. My family (my mum and dad, my sister and I) all prefer Moscow since my mum’s grandparents and cousins, who we are fairly close to, live here. Also, we love the culture.

All in all, Moscow’s terrific!

Mia Zeppenfeldt, 5A, UK/Dutch

Hi, my name is Mia, I am 10 and I am an expat child living in Moscow. Even though I am only 10 years old, I have already lived in a lot of countries; the Netherlands, the UK, Bahrain, and eventually Russia. I love being an expat child as I love travelling around the world and exploring new places, so I’m reasonably adventurous. Let me tell you of my adventures of the world and what I love about Moscow.

When I first came to Russia, I thought it would be bad, bad, bad, (like I always think it will be when I approach a new country). I lose my friends and I miss the country that I lived in previously. But when I really got the hang of it, I began to think of what an experience it would beI suddenly began to realise that Moscow wasn’t bad at all; not at all! I was very excited to just go and live my life in this beautiful country.

In summary, I love Moscow and I hope that everybody loves it like me!

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