Genuine Puglia Mozzarella made in Moscow


If you think you are a long way from home and can’t get any decent mozzarella cheese, you are reading the right article. Italian Pierangelo Carbonara has started producing and making delicious mozzarella cheese here. He brought some round to our place to try, and we have been talking about it ever since. This is what he told us.

By John Harrison

How did you end up here?

I have been here for five years now, I met my Russian wife in Greece, and love brought me to Russia. I am from the F&B business and have worked in Moscow, actually I’m still working for an Italian restaurant near Metro Frunzenskaya.

Selection_069How do you make your cheese here?

We are three friends, Nikolai who is Russian, and me and my Italian friend Maurizio who comes from the same southern Italian town in Puglia as me. When the embargo started and they stopped importing all the natural products form Italy, we realised that this is our chance, this is our work. We decided to make some Puglia cheese here in Russia. Why import, when we can make this in Russia. Now we have a factory, Maurizio looks after the production, we choose the best milk from South Russia, transport it up to Tver Oblast where we have a factory in Torzhok and we have started to produce our own cheese. We have only started, so we are only making about one ton of cheese a week, we have a target of 10-15 tons a week.

How do you distribute the cheese?

We have an office here in Moscow and a vehicle, so we distribute everything within a week.

Who are your customers?

Everybody who understands what it means to eat good mozzarella cheese.

Pierangelo is focusing on large scale F&B clients, but you might be able to persuade him to bring some mozzarella round to you – it’s worth it – if you ring him on: +7 916 515 1329