When Will The Hot Water Be Turned Off?


Politics, finance and war aside, probably the most important question, or perhaps the most important question facing expats right now is ‘when will the hot water be turned off?’

It is one of Moscow’s great traditions that supplies of hot water to most, but not all residential buildings is cut off for up to 9 days in Moscow from May 12th onwards. Don’t ask why, as there have been many contrary opinions on why this interesting phenomenon occurs every year circulating in expat circles.

However, what is important is to find out when the supply to your building is to be cut off. With a bit of notice you can go out and buy an electric water heater and get it fitted. That you can do if you know how to find a plumber, if you don’t, get your landlord to organise this. Alternatively it’s a good idea to arrange with friends to take showers at their places. Sometimes a notice is stuck onto front doors of apartment buildings announcing when the hot water is going to be cut off, and sometimes it isn’t. Don’t worry, stay happy! You can find out when supplies are to be cut off by checking an interactive page of the electricity supply company’s web page: www.oaomoek.ru

The web site is in Russian (unsurprisingly), so get somebody to help you if you can’t read ithe local lingua. The instructions are ridiculously simple. Hit the large graphic in the centre of the page:

You will see three drop down boxes in the top of this box. In the first, select the region of Moscow you live in (East, West, Central…). If you do not know in which area of Moscow you live in, ask any of your neighbours, or look at a utilities bill for your flat.

In the right hand box, scroll down until you find the street your building is located, and in the 3rd box, the number of the building. It’s a simple as that, and hey presto! Up come the dates when your building’s hot water is to be cut off.

Ours is not to reason why, ours is to keep body odor down!