Social Movers – Summertime and the Living Is Easy

‘Gipsy’ reopened! Yes, your favourite party bar is back alive. Seems like the owner found some more money to play with. But be aware. Recently I wanted to book a table for a client and the Gipsy facecontrol lady told me that a table booking is not a guarantee to get in. And there will be no refund of the pre-paid table deposit. Sounds strange to you? ‘F…ck off and go somewhere else!’, is the meaning of that, in case you didn’t understand it. It’s strange (outdated) behaviour, especially during a Crisis, but OK… Good Luck Gipsy.

What else is hot? Rumour is that Artel Bessonnitsa (Sleepless!) will receive the World Finest Club Award at the end of June and then officially be one of Moscow’s best clubs (with SOHO Rooms), based on international standards. Congrats from us! The makers of Icon and Artel are opening a new club soon. The project is said to have cost a double digit million dollar number and will probably become one of the city’s hotspots. At Mayakovskaya Square, the owners of Moscow’s largest concert hall open ‘Moskva Club’ in September. The club is ready and until then, they’ll do the occasional ‘private’ pre-opening parties.

Buddha Bar will have one of the nicest terraces this year. The French-owned bar is not cheap, but offers live music performances every night, throughout the week (Buddha Bar style tunes). Moscow’s party scene will slowly shift from the Krasnye Oktybr chocolate factory across from the Kremlin (rents are getting too expensive) to the Rochdelskaya factory, which is just between the Crown Plaza Hotel and the White House. This is where Jagger is located. There you’ll find the new Arma 17 club (yes, they reopened as well) and the city’s hottest and hardest to get in bar ‘Duran’, where legendary Pasha Facecontrol runs the door. Luckily, he likes well-dressed foreigners and you’ll probably have a better chance to get in, than most Russians. It’s worth a try.

For the after hour you can head just across the river, to ‘Krysha Mira’ (the worlds roof). Dasha, their facecontrol, has eased up a bit on well-dressed, foreigners. ‘Krysha’ is one of the hardest clubs to get into. Their annual birthday party, the White Party, in the beginning of July, is legendary. Once you made it inside you can get drinks from heavily tattooed and pierced (but super friendly) barkeepers and enjoy the sunrise on ‘Krysha’s’ open air terrace. You’ll be surrounded by Moscow’s beautiful, rich and famous, mainly from the entertainment industry.

If Krysha’s Dasha has a bad day (PMS?) and doesn’t let you in, try the nearby ‘Mix’ club, which in no way is related to the, now closed, legendary old ‘Mix Club’ from around Novi Arbat. The new ‘Mix’ is just a stone’s throw from ‘Krysha Mira’, behind the Ukraina Hotel. It reminds me of Glazur, which was a dark, drugged up shithole for the leftovers of the night. The new ‘Mix’ is slightly better and a dark alternative to Krysha, where you can dance until noon and then walk out into the sun, being surprised at how fast time went by. Moscow never sleeps!


Selection_531La vie en ROSE! Summer is finally here and we are going to take full advantage of it. I have weekend trips planned to Tula and Yasnaya Polyana; Lev Tolstoy’s residence. We heard that there has been a great deal of reconstruction work done and it looks fabulous. On top of all of that, if you adore Russian classical literature like I do, and dream of reading Russian classics in its native language, there is a great application coming up called Zhivaya Kniga! It will enable to you re-experience and re-discover Russian classical literature and especially the works of Leo Tolsotoy including War and Peace, in a completely new dimension! It is great what technology is doing to enrich our perceptions and broaden our horizons! Especially, when it’s Samsung. I am also arranging a trip to Baikal in July, for those of you who really like nature and do not mind bathrooms outside of the tent.

Theatre work is going great. After a very successful first performance of the first adult theatre group we have children’s courses, in addition, to the existing adult courses. We have now a facebook page #MoscowAmateurTheater where you will be able to find information and a timetable. We have an exciting new plan to add later in the year, called ‘train the trainer’ program. This program will enable Russian theatre directors to get appropriate training in teaching theatre a la anglaise, with a possibility to continue their education in England. I am also very happy to add one more instructor to our existing English courses – Viktor Nizhelskoy. Viktor will be leading a course in Japanese theatre KABUKI and, also, a more traditional Russian course, in Russian and the language of guests. I have excursions around town every two weeks during the summer; one of these is ‘The history of Diplomatic Mail’ in the Ministry of International Affairs.

We also have dating seminars for both men and women every now and then in a hipster place called: ‘Projector’ bar, led by my dearest Dr. Chris. (expert on dating and love life). Moscow is great, enjoy it responsibly!