Reader Survey ‘What Expats Want’

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Moscow is host to an estimated 170,000 expats and their families. For many it is their home and the place where a great number of expat businesses have been established with considerable investments. However, in the current challenging situation, we are all caught in the middle and whilst each has his/her own agenda for survival (or departure). We want to help expats through this time. Our primary aim is to hear your views on how expat life in Moscow could be improved. Secondly, we will reflect on your responses to determine how we and other community organisations can contribute to serving you here.

The St Andrews Anglican Church & Centre based in the iconic Victorian English church in the centre of Moscow is one of many communities in Moscow which offers a sense of belonging for expats who live here. Recently, the church has undergone a comprehensive review of what the centre is and what it can do for others.

Our centre primarily offers a community to expats as well as sharing the centre with four other partners. We wish to know how we can contribute to your quality of life in Moscow. Hence our survey ‘Whatexpatswant’ is now being launched, the results of which will be published by Moscow expat life magazine in the autumn issue. This survey is anonymous and will be conducted through and internet based research tool. Our deadline for the completion of the survey is 15th June.