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Chris HelmbrechtWe are finally leaving the days of long darkness behind and soon Moscow will put on her best dress and bloom for us. Springtime is certainly one of the best seasons, not only for us nightlife people.

The winter took some tribute, though. The legendary Solyanka was closed down by the police over a dispute over the rent. The owner Roman and his lawyer are trying to get things sorted out, but the club’s creative crowd has long moved on to places like Rodnya, Powerhouse or Dennis Simachevs new place LOL, which has the potential to become the city’s most trendy (and hard to get in) party-bar this season.

Moscow’s biggest coke dealer and partyboy ‘Antonio’ was arrested just a few weeks ago and is waiting trial in an overcrowded prison cell. Guess, this is the end of his glory days and I wonder where Moscow’s most elite party people powder their noses now. Alexey Goroby, Moscow’s most famous nightlife figure, the maker of clubs like Dyagilev or Imperia Lounge had less luck. Officially he died of a heart attack, while spending his New Year’s vacations in Bolivia. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to put one and one together, right? He’ll be missed! But, no worries, his latest project ‘Artel Bessonnitsa’, one of the best Moscow clubs, will be continued by the team owning Icon, Space and many other venues.

That leaves us to wait for the opening of the summer terraces. ‘Jagger’ is still the city’s most crowded party bar and it will soon reopen its terrace. Check the nearby Blacksmith Pub for rock and live music. If you are a beer lover like me, then ask for ‘Trigger’, which is a Moscow micro brewery, probably making the best beer in town.

We are organizing a new bi-weekly event called Expat DJ Series. Where we give carefully selected Expats, who dj, an opportunity to play and you to check their music. If you think you have what it takes to be a good dj, send me your mix.
Here is the lineup of the city’s top places (in my opinion). Just google the name + Moscow for more information about the venues:

SOHO Rooms (glam), Krysha Mira (afterhour), Artel Bessonnitza (semi glam), LOL (fashionable), Rodnya (creative underground), Mendeleev Bar (elegant techno), Jagger (dirty party), Propaganda (Thurdays, democratic), Obloko (Thursdays glam), Garage Club (Sun/Wed RnB), PPL (party bar), 8 Oz. (creative /underground) Sibir (super glam pre-party), Extra Lounge Korston (Russian glam).

Maria Ushkova
Spring is in the air! So happy we have had an almost ‘non existent winter’. So, what is new? We have a great new venue in town, it’s very small, but very cozy. ‘Jim’and’Jack’ Bar, run by young enthusiasts who are also amazing comedians and founders of Moscow Comedy BAR. They hold stand-up shows each weekend in various bars in Moscow, and they also bring stars from abroad to perform in English for the local community. Just check them out, they have huge potential. I really believe that this bar will become a cult bar! We are now there all the time and all of my parties (or almost all) take place there now. Actually, one event not to be missed this summer is ‘Our Expat Picnic on the Beach’. It will happen most likely in Rosinka village just 20 minutes away from central Moscow on the lake!

One more bit of positive news. We have successfully launched our first 10-week theatrical course together with the Moscow English Theatre. 22 talented ‘newly trained’ actors will show off their skills in a specially organised performance on April 18th. Our next student intake is in September. We are also working on organising London Theatre Tours for everyone who loves theatre and would like to take a great look at the backstage and meet actors and directors. So, lots of positive news about theatre. Thanks Moscow Expat Magazine for connecting me with the right people all the time!

We continue with our tours and lectures. I recommend an upcoming one on ‘Spies and Methods of Agent Recruitment in XIX Century Europe’. Please write to me for more information about our events. My email: [email protected] or just find us on the web, now that we have our own website

Life is so much easier in Moscow for you and for me! See you all soon!