IWC Charities Group

The IWC Charities Group is an integral part of the IWC. As a women’s organization we have decided to focus our primary attention on children. We have based this decision on the fact that children represent a society’s future, thus we provide an opportunity to invest for the longer term and that in many cases intervention can be life-changing – for the child, for the family and beyond. We regularly support 14 long-term charity projects for children who are in medical care, in orphanages, live with foster families or in not well functioning families, and children with disabilities. We also support elderly and destitute people by providing food, basic medical care, education and shelter. We currently have 9 long-term projects for the elderly and destitute.

The IWC Charities Group also assesses people and organizations that find themselves in a difficult life situation when they are in need of a financial contribution to solve their problem – e.g. to pay for special medical treatment, finance the (re)construction of their premises or buy medical equipment. Last year we were able to accommodate 7 requests for one time financial contributions. The IWC Charities Group also runs a donation office where people can bring items they no longer need and are in good condition (clothes, toys, home appliances or even dry food with storage time). We distribute these items on a regular basis among 10 charity projects.

The IWC holds two major fund raising events throughout the year. The first is the IWC Winter Bazaar and the second is IWC Embassies of the World Dinner and Ball. These two main events contribute significant financial support to our projects. These would not be possible without the great support from the embassies, the sponsoring companies and the fantastic expat and Russian community participating at the events. We hope to keep up the tradition of these events for a long time!

As we would like to raise as much money as possible for charity projects, we are organizing further charity events during the year. One of them is our annual Charity Art Auction. We raise money for charity projects through auctioning the donated art works of Russian and expat artists living in and inspired by Russia. After last year`s success at the Hungarian Cultural Center we are looking forward to this year`s event in the middle of March!

In October 2014 we have organized the first-ever used Book sale. It took place in the warm and cosy atmosphere of L’Ecole Cécile Rogue. We had mostly English language fiction and children’s books for sale, in addition to an eclectic mix of other genres and languages.

Apart from this, many events organized by IWC have a ‘touch of charity’ as our work is an integrated part of the IWC activities. We received a financial support from the very popular Martini Evening in the Shabu Shabu PanAsian Restaurant, from the wine evening ‘IWC Uncorked’ at Vintage Wine Bar + Restaurant and from the trip to Bogdarnya Farm as well as the ‘Champagne Beauty by J. Lassalle’ at Hotel Baltchug Kempinski. We are grateful for all these donations!

An ever-growing part of our funds comes from the monthly raffles organized at the IWC Meet & Greet meetings. We have a set of regular sponsors but are always delighted to receive donations from members, and we encourage them to buy raffle tickets.

We are very proud to say that we supported 30 charity projects in 2014. You may think that ‘30’ is not a high number, but throughout these projects our help reaches over 1000 people in need!

With the overwhelming support, participation, and the interest from our community at our charity event to raise money for children and adults, we are well motivated to continue our efforts to organize more charity events in 2015. We hope to see many expats and Russians joining these events either as sponsors or participants!



The IWC Charity Group is an integral and vital part of the IWC. The Group mainly focuses on charities that are supporting children. In many cases intervention can be
life-­changing – for the child, for the family and beyond. We support:

• children in poor or unstable families,

• children in orphanages or other institutions,

• children with medical needs. A third of our funds go to the elderly and destitute (pensioners, homeless etc).