Don Bosco Children’s Home Special Event


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A special night of song, dance and poetry by Moscow’s most vulnerable children has been hailed as a ‘great success’ by organisers.

Children from the Don Bosco Children’s Home hosted the artistic event on February 5 to raise awareness about the center.

The group dedicated their performance to St. Don Bosco, the patron of the home, which currently cares for 36 children aged between 7 and 18. Unlike many children’s homes in the city, most children at Don Bosco have a living parent who placed them at the center voluntarily when they were unable to continue supporting them – usually due to extreme poverty.

The performance included a showcase of Kyrgyz national dance and song, a scene from the Baltic fairytale Castle of Liars, and a puppet show telling the tale of the Three Little Pigs.

“The children worked so hard for this show and it was a great success,” said Ludmila Maslennikova, one of the centre’s small team of staff who prepared the programme. “This performance was a celebration of the children’s work and lives – even though they face many difficulties, they put their positivity and joy into everything they do, and we want to celebrate that. Just like all other children, they need and deserve a chance to express themselves artistically and have their voices heard.

“Even though their parents weren’t all there to see them, having so many people turn up to support them was a huge confidence boost.”

Wiktoria Zielinska, IWC member and event co-organizer, said, “We would like the say a huge thank you to everyone who came to support the event. A special thank you goes to our guests from the International Women’s Club, who have been generous supporters of the Home for a long time, and Karen Janjua, wife of the Pakistani ambassador, who gave up her time to see us.

It’s only the generosity of so many people – not only those who give donations, but also the volunteers who give up their time – which allows the Home to continue their important work.