Sebastian & St James International Financial Advisers


Sebastian & St James International Financial Advisers Limited

Sebastian & St James International Financial Advisers is an international financial services company serving clients throughout the world.

We specialise in all aspects of financial advice, offering a financial consultation service which encompasses a wide range of investment and pension based solutions.

Our main aim in Russia, as with all of our clients all across the world, is to deliver exceptional customer service.

At Sebastian & St James we recognise that every client is different so we provide a service tailored to the requirements of each individual.

As part of our exceptional customer service we aim to establish strong working relationships with our clients. We spend time talking to our clients to ensure that we fully understand and appreciate their requirements, current financial situation and financial aspirations.

Why use Sebastian & St James?

One of the fundamental aspects of our service is to communicate with the client to ascertain whether we can help.

We expect to spend time talking to clients, answering questions and giving information. We have clients who have approached us with very defined ideas of the investment they want, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss these and make their ideas reality.

We also have clients who are new to investment and need information and guidance to help them make decisions. We understand how important it is for our clients to know that their investment will be handled with diligence, integrity, skill and care.

We always encourage clients to ask as many questions as they need to ensure that they are happy to go ahead and use any products and services.

The Sebastian & St James Team

The Sebastian and St James team bring together unique experiences, background and knowledge to make a winning team.

Our advice is independent and covers the whole of the market, and we have access to the major insurance companies and investment houses across the globe.

For clients with additional requirements we have affiliate businesses which have expertise in the fields of tax, insurance, life insurance.

We are also able to offer the facility to open bank accounts in Dublin without the need for the client to be present. Clients who would like more information on this service please email [email protected]

Sebastian & St James are also looking to recruit advisers who would like to work with a forward looking international financial company providing exceptional service to their clients in Moscow and on a worldwide basis.