Summer Boat Trip

Over 200 members of the BBC, AEB, RBCC and friends embarked on a boat trip on the river Moskva late this summer. A suitably large river boat, the ‘Kolesov’ was hired for the evening, which provided plenty of space for classic rock and roll band Vadim Ivaschenko and the Boneshakers to excite guests’ often hidden love for those good old 1960-80s numbers. In between the stomping, jiving and stumbling, Elena Romananko provided some soft, romantic interludes.

On the lower deck a sumptuous array of food and alcohol quickly disappeared, as the fresh sea – well river air – encouraged a good appetite, and made guests more thirsty than usual. Impromptu business discussions held in quieter places aboard the ‘Kolosev’ soon turned into social encounters, as indeed they should do when gliding up the river Moskva on a Mississippi river boat complete with large churning paddles, in the Russian Indian summer.

Thank you to all sponsors, particularly Heineken, Pepsi, Yuri Navarro’s Restaurant, Hewlett-Packard (who provided these photos). Lottery sponsors were British Airways, Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow and Fort-Truck Company.

The trip was organised by the British Business Club in Russia.