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Chris HelmbrechtThe dark and wet end of the year is strangely enough the best party season. The summer is surely nicer, but the last quarter of the year is the busiest. Many new venues are opening and one special event follows the next. There are almost too many!

The most exclusive pre-party weekend events are, for sure, at ‘Siberia’. But, be aware, it is hard to get in. The ‘SOHO Rooms’ facecontrol guy manages the door and it’s hard, especially for foreigners, who he doesn’t seem to like. I mean please, what is wrong with Moscow? ‘Facecontrol’ for people, who want to spend a good amount of money for dinner in a restaurant? Give me a break!

Meanwhile ‘SOHO Rooms’ has empty seats in its restaurant and on its terrace during the pre-party, but it’s getting busy after midnight and it’s still one of the most exclusive venues in town.
Moscow’s beloved ‘Gipsy’ just closed for reconstruction. Rumor is, that the owner gave his sponsor a bleeding nose and after that, financial support dries up. What do they say: ‘Don’t bite the hand, that feeds you?’ Probably Gipsy will not reopen, unless the owner finds another sponsor. The newly opened ‘Extra Lounge’ on the roof of the Korston Hotel, one of the last late-soviet styled hotels, promises to become a hit, despite its location. Its makers created the legendary ‘We are family’ venue. It has the best view over Moscow, even better than any Moscow City skyscraper location. This club may become the new Moscow top venue and its worth a visit.

’Jagger’ winter-proofed its terrace for the winter and is probably the right place to go to if you are looking for a full on party with lots of crazy people. ‘Mendeleev’ is still the city’s best bar and offers great cocktails and the best of electronic music for a sophisticated audience. The place simply has class!

For a Thursday party, ‘Oblaka’ is your venue, its glam and sexy, from midnight until 5am. ‘Artel Bessonnitza’ has the best of tech-deep-house on Friday and Saturday from 1:30-4:00am. After that ‘Krysha Mira’ is the top spot. If you can’t make it into ‘Krysha’, try ‘Garage Club’, which is more open, and also in my top list of after-hour venues in Moscow.



Maria Ushkova
It feels great to be able to contribute to Moscow expat Life magazine! I feel very special being able to share the news about our community events in this wonderful magazine. This time, I feel inspired by my colleague, Chris Helmbrecht, to write in a more relaxed style. ;)

Let’s start with dramatic changes. Firstly, I no longer host any parties at Petrovich club. Time to move on from this bar! We are still meeting regularly at Makoto bar and restaurant in Moscow City, but now, instead of Thursday night, we meet on Fridays. Have you tried Japanese Whisky?

Our excursions are still taking place each Saturday and practically every weekend. We do our regular trips to John Kopiski’s farm, Vladimir, Yaroslavl, Kazan, Archangelsk, Murmansk and, even to Irkutsk.
One more regular activity is golf. Every Wednesday, we play golf, together with Kim and the team. If you like theatre and cinema, please contact me for short courses, which I organise together with Moscow English Theatre (MET). For charity we now work with Ask Sophie website resource to keep everyone posted about our charity events. Great news, I have a team now, two more people working with me on organising events. I am very happy, as I am changing a little bit the nature of my events. I would like them to be even more creative! Now, with a historical twist. For example, together with my team, we are launching a fantastic annual event, with a code name BNB. I will let you know the details in the next issue of the magazine! In summary, I hope you will find inspiration and time to be creative! It’s important! Please join my Grey Rabbits expat club on Facebook to receive more information about our regular events. And, by all means, JOIN THEM. Have a great time in Moscow, together with Moscow expat Life magazine.