The Orange Tree

The Orange Tree is the latest offering from Maison Dellos next to their famous brands Turandot and the ever-popular Café Pushkin. So an offer from the management to invite the Moscow Good Food Club was eagerly accepted.

The Orange Tree has a comfortable, contemporary style, relaxed yet smart! On arrival the indomitable members were offered a very pleasant glass of Prosecco Rugeri and the first course of Forrest Tapas were served whilst we congregated and met old friend and new acquaintances. The Forest Tapas consisted of a trio of Duck, Deer and Lamb presenting an interesting challenge to pick out the flavours in turn. This was followed by an amazing celeriac mouse, which created a wonderful blend of autumnal flavours.

It should be noted that the Executive Chef Sauli Kemppainan from Finland is already making quite a name for himself for his provocative and yet highly original flavours, garnered from his native land.
Having been called to our tables we were presented with ‘Kikta’ It sounded delicious: Smoked Vendance fish, Romano salad, radish, pickled red onion and croutons with a dill dressing, but unfortunately the general opinion was that the balance of flavours did not work. It was fresh and the flavours were there, but the overall presentation and taste left most slightly disappointed. The Luigi di Bosco Chardonnay was possibly the reason as the pairing just did not complement each other.
The Farmers Duck roasted and served with mashed potatoes, red cabbage satay and red current sauce on the other hand was excellent. Succulent roasted duck, generally perfectly cooked, evoked our taste buds awoken by the excellent combination. The wine, a Luigi di Bosco Malbec was a little too light for the strong duck flavour, and lacked strength and tannins.

The Chocolate-Tabak dessert with fresh raspberries and raspberry sorbet was a masterpiece, excellently balanced and presented. This was accompanies by a Xeres Pedro Ximenez an excellent and unusual sherry that perfectly suited the tart flavours of the fruit and sorbet.

Over tea and coffee the table spokespeople presented their Critiques and ratings. Generally positive, however there was a feeling that some factors could be improved, especially the service standards.
As always, members were asked for some comments on the question of the evening which was: “The Winter is virtually upon us. What preparations do you make physically and mentally to prepare for the cold winter months ahead?”

Naturally the robust wines had an effect on the answers on our intrepid members but the general opinions were to plan to travel and enjoy the expectations of that vacation, to dig out the warm clothing and to make a preventative visit to the pharmacy in addition to eating, drinking and making merry!