Moscow expat Life WEEKLY GOLF NIGHT

The Golf Night at City Golf has been going strong, and seems to be gaining momentum as the cold weather sets in. In this article, two golf professionals, who work in Moscow, tell us how they keep up their skills during the winter.

Selection_454Peter Holland
PJ golf professional, entered the industry at the age of 16 in England. Worked his way up through 6 different countries, a number of different golf clubs including the Montgomerie Dubai and is now working in Russia. Loves opening new golf courses. Coming in before they open, setting up the operation, working with the team, “something I really thrive on.”

What does a golf pro like you do in the winter?
The fashion now is for the expat golf pro to be on a 12-month contract, so obviously half of that contract will be in the winter months. So during the winter it’s basically two things. Firstly preparation for the following season, that could be planning for the golf calendar, it could be doing some updates to the website, to make sure he following season is a success. Secondly, we take part in winter trips and activities for our members. For example, in December, we’ll go to Spain and have a game against a club in Spain. We might have a Christmas dinner altogether, just to keep the momentum going, to keep playing golf. Also, for example, at City Golf tonight, I will come here, and occasionally a few of our members will come down, and we’ll continue the golf atmosphere, throughout the whole year. It’s really important to keep playing all year round.

Selection_458William Bruce
Class AA golf professional, TPI certified, (Titleist Performance Institute). Used to work at the La Quinta Golf and Country Club in Marbella and The Address Montgomerie Dubai. Whilst in Russia, I work at Agalarov Golf and Country Club in the summer months, and City Golf Moscow in the winter.

What do golf professionals do in the winter?
Well normally, I would go back to Dubai, but I am here full-time at City Golf, looking after day-to-day sessions, giving golf lessons. This is the largest indoor facility in Russia. We’ve just had a major renovation including simulator up-grade. We have installed GolfZon which are the market leading Golf Simulator worldwide. The simulators work well as teaching tools, a lot of the local professionals are coming here now to keep their skills up during the winter, because obviously the golf courses are all closed now. That’s why I’m here full time. I will go to Dubai a couple of times during the off-season, but predominantly, I’m here.

These events are held every Wednesday evening from 7.30pm at the City Golf club, at 5 Bersenevsky lane, Building 2, Moscow.

Special coaching is available for new players, and those who are experienced, we have organised a 9 hole, 4 ball tournament.

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