Message from the Italian Ambassador Cesare Maria Ragagline

Selection_461I am very pleased that ‘Moscow expat Life’ decided to focus its current issue on the Italian community.

According to official estimates, 3,000 Italians live in Russia – 2,000 of them in Moscow. The numbers are actually much higher, since many Italians travel back and forth between the two countries, especially for business.

It is a small but vibrant community, made of businesspeople, diplomats, academics, artists, and students – or those who are passionate about this fascinating country.

Italy’s ties with Russia are indeed deep and strong. We rank as second trade partner, with more than 400 Italian companies operating in Russia in many different sectors. Italy is among the top destination for Russian tourists. There is between our peoples a sense of a common history and of a great shared culture – not to mention a feeling of sympathy that spontaneously brings us together.

I hope that this issue of ‘Moscow expat Life’ will help to highlight the richness and the diversity of the Italian community in Moscow. Being an expat myself, I can only wish you ‘buona lettura’!