Mariolina Mariotti

Selection_466How long have you been living in Russia?
I have been living in Russia for three years. My husband works for a multinational company and we have been moving around the world according to his job. I must say Moscow has been by far one of the easiest expatriations. I immediately fell in love with the city and especially the fascinating culture.

I understand that you are the President of the Italian Women’s Club?
Yes, ASI, Associazione Signore Italiane a Mosca, was founded eight years ago by a few ladies within the Italian Embassy. Currently we are more than sixty members. Our association is open not only to Italians but also to anyone who loves Italy. The general meetings are usually held at the Italian Embassy three to four times a year and every month ASI publishes a newsletter ‘La Mosca Bianca’ available by email.

Our primary goal is to offer support and advise to newcomers by planning different activities like welcome coffees, Russian history and literature lessons, cultural visits to museums and expositions as well as events that celebrate both Russian and the Italian culture.

ASI is famous for the organization of the Italian Christmas Bazar hosted at the Italian Embassy. All money that we raise is used to fund our charity projects as these have an important place amongst the association.