Ernesto Ferlenghi – Confindustria Russia



What does Confindustria do?

The main goal of Confindustria is to help Italy’s economic growth, to assist and defend the interests of its members. Confindustria strives to promote various initiatives focused on the development and consolidation of its members, and to this aim, it represents and protects the interests of members before Italian, Russian and European authorities and private institutions. It also collect data and information, which is shared with its members to encourage and simplify business between member companies and Russian government institutions. In order to reach these objectives, Confindustria sometimes collaborates with other non-profit organizations.

How does Confindustria differ from other Italian trade and manufacturing organisations, which are represented in Moscow?
Confindustria has always played a leading role in the landscape of the Italian economy. The 2012 labour reform further strengthened its position as leader. Confindustria is the Italian non-profit employers’ federation, founded in Italy in 1910. Strong in its history, today it groups together more than 150,000 voluntary member companies in Italy and hundreds more through the Russian Federation. In addition to its Italian headquarters, its network spreads across Europe and the Russian Federation offering a consolidated service to its members.

Who can join Confindustria, and how?
Joining Confindustria is a ‘company-friendly’ process. All legal entities and individuals governed by Italian law and all Russian or other foreign legal entities or individuals, whose activities are financed by no less than 51% Italian capital can join. All Italian entrepreneurs that are duly registered in Italy or in the Russian Federation who perform or intend to conduct business in the Russian Federation can also join. In order to join the partnership, an application request must be filled, which will be considered by the Confindustria’s Board of Directors. If the applicant meets the specifications expressed in the Confindustria’s statute, the applicant pays a periodical sum, which varies according to the sales volume of the company it represents.

What are the most difficult and best things about doing business here in Russia?
Obviously, the dynamic nature of the constantly growing Russian market, the strategic geographic location of the country, plus its rich natural resources, all position Russia as a prime location for business investment. There is a wide range of opportunities present in many sectors of Russia’s economy and strong support for investors from both the government and the Foreign Investment Advisory Council (FIAC). Russia is a predominantly a collective society and generally displays a ‘win-win’ attitude, thus promoting mutual advantage in business. Personal relationships are also of great importance in Russia. International organisations can profit immensely from the above benefits of doing business in Russia. On the other hand, investors dislike uncertainty, and nowadays the politic political situation does not help or encourage business activities. We could say that a major part of the advantages could then be seen as disadvantages: a different culture, not a very user-friendly language and a massive territory are only a few of the several examples of the difficulties one may find in doing encounter while conducting business in Russia.

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