Social Movers – Autumn 2014

Selection_005Maria Ushakova

Following a charming summer season full of marvelous events and unforgettable travels; I am ready to face an intellectual autumn and a wild winter. My social calendar looks like this. Thursday. I organize a pre-party session at Makoto bar and restaurant. We consume a lot of phosphour. It’s good for bone structure and keeps us in the ‘glow’ and in the ‘know’. After Makoto pre-party session, which may include an unusual master-class or a degustation, we gradually proceed to Liberty Club in Kitai Gorod to dance Salsa. On Friday, we hit Petrovich club, Moscow’s oldest expat ‘favourite’. On the last Friday of each month, I organise a special Retro Party at Petrovich. Actually, if you need a daytime history and culture fix, please join my regular town excursions on Saturdays, we depart at 16:30 from Trubnaya main square. If you wish to discover the real Russia and you don’t yet have any plans for New Year’s celebration, then join our cosmopolitan Trans-Siberian dream journey! Our ‘train of friendship’ departs from Moscow on the 30th of December. It will take us two weeks to reach our final destination – Vladivostok. Have a great time in Moscow, with Moscow expat life magazine!

Selection_006Chris Helmbrecht

Autumn is one of Moscow’s main nightlife seasons and after the return of the travellers in Mid-Sept, the city’s nightlife picks up rapidly. Despite sanctions and a low rouble course, the elite party crowd will still head out and party. “They’d rather sell their car, than not show off anymore…” the manager of one of Moscow’s most exclusive clubs replied to my question, will the high life will all be over soon?

So what’s hot an upcoming this autumn? Lets start with the losers. Ever since car traffic is blocked out of the Krasnye Oktybr island, it has become less popular and we can expect some very known places to close down there soon. Artel Bessonitza, Alexey Gorobys project on Icons roof is still a good place to listen to some good tech-house and see Moscow’s beautiful people dance. We’ll continue to run events there twice a month with a special guest list. Contact me for more info. Besides, the all-famous Jagger bar, is better then ever and filled with thousands of people each weekend. If you have to wait to get in, its not because of “face-control” issues, but because the bar is overfilled. Check next doors “Blacksmith” Irish Pup for a pint, while you wait. It also belongs to the owners of Jagger. Moscow’s Space, the Ibiza sister club, opened about a year ago and is still surprising us with monthly top acts, such as Carl Cox. Its Moscow’s largest club with a 7,000 people capacity, but only opened once or twice a month for high profile dj gigs with a great show.

For all lovers of good electronic music, the deep and tech-house. I suggest ‘Mendeleev Bar’ and Simachev’s new project ‘LOL’. Moscow’s bar names seem recently to be inspired by social media. There is also a ‘Selfie’ restaurant, which has been opened by the producers of DJ Smash and super popular among the elite Moscovites.

Have fun! And find me on Facebook. Feel free to ask more questions there…