New Presidents of De Tulpen & SWEA

Mariette Stijnen who has done a fantastic job in getting De Tulpen (otherwise known as the Dutch Women’s Association) has left Russia and has passed on the presidency to not one, but two charming Dutch women: Olya Kalmykova and Desiree Dekker. Moscow expat Life talked to Olya Kalmykova.

You and Desiree are taking over the presidency of De Tulpen, how are you going to split the responsibilities?

We decided when we took over from Mariette that Desiree will handle the cultural and day activities, and I will cover the evening activities.

Do you have any new plans?

We can see that there are a lot of things to do in Moscow at the weekends, so we want to organize more visits and activities. I am letting Dutch people know about events and putting them onto our special facebook page.

There are more and more Dutch women here with children, some mothers work during the day, some don’t. In general there are many more Dutch women working now than there used to be, so we are trying to cater for them as much as possible.

Selection_002It has changed, hasn’t it? We are now seeing many more professional women in Moscow than before.

Yes, we now have many Dutch women who come here to work, but really, we have a big bunch of different people doing different things. It goes without saying that the Dutch like to have fun! During the Sochi Olympics, the Orange House was the most fun place to be, the news about that spread all the way to Moscow!

Do you still meet at the De Nachtwacht (restaurant)?

The De Nachtwacht is really just for the Dutch Club now, which we are part of, but we don’t necessarily go to all of their events. It is actually for Dutch men, so…!

I would like to say to any Dutch women who don’t know about us, that you are very welcome to come and join! I would also like to say to people of other countries that the Dutch Club has two major events, the celebration of St. Nicholas’s birthday on December the 5th, and the celebration of King’s Day on the 26th of April. We would be happy to see anybody who wants to come at these events.


(The Swedish Women’s Educational Association)

The SWEA now has a new president, Ann Charlotte Norin, who has taken over from Anna Gustafson Bril. SWEA Moscow is part of a global network of Swedish/Scandinavian speaking ladies with approximately 7,500 members worldwide. In Moscow we frequently organise meetings, excursions and other activities for our members.

Please read more on the SWEA web-site