Vacation Packing Made Easy


We are all ecstatic because the summer vacation season is finally here! Whether you plan to embark on an amazing adventure in a new land or seek solace and rejuvenation in a familiar territory, you are going to need to do that ‘thing’ some dread the most; pack your suitcases.

Even seasoned travellers experience bouts of packing anxiety and struggle to pack light yet still take all the things they think they will need. But there is no need to panic; by applying these sure-fire tips you can graduate into a confident packer who packs smart and efficiently.

Plan Way Ahead

The most important packing tip I can impart is to start planning and organizing your trip way in advance. This gives you sufficient time to develop a comprehensive itinerary, which by the way, is an invaluable tool for packing. Planning ahead helps you ascertain your daily program so you can pack clothing that are appropriate for your activities, the weather, terrain, and other aspects that affect what you wear.

Tip – Take some time to research whether the sites you plan to visit have any clothing restrictions.

Choose a Colour Theme

One of the simplest tricks to packing light is to choose a colour theme and stick to it. By choosing a colour theme it is easy to mix and match the items you pack. Choose at least one neutral shade such as white, beige, or brown that will go with every other colour in your suitcase. A valued benefit of doing this is that you will find you need fewer shoes because one pair can be worn with multiple outfits.

Tip – Shoes make great nooks to store small items.

Pick Multi-taskers

You have already reduced the bulk and weight of your suitcase by simply packing fewer shoes, but you can go even lighter and be even more efficient if you choose versatile pieces. These are the pieces that transition easily from day to night with a quick change of shoes and accessories. Also, consider taking multi-taskers such as cardigans and jackets that can be worn with several outfits.

Pack Outfits not Pieces

The primary reason people struggle to get dressed while on vacation or return home with a suitcase of clothes that have not been worn is because they pack pieces of clothing arbitrarily and then try to create outfits while on vacation.

Save yourself the undue stress by creating complete outfits at home while you still have access to your well-stocked closet. With itinerary in-hand, pick outfits for each day of your trip. Lay your selections out on the bed and then edit down to just the items you need to look well-groomed and stylish.

Tip – Pack in layers to lessen pesky creases and wrinkles. Place heavy items such as shoes on the bottom and light fabrics at the top.

Streamline and Shrink

To whittle down baggage weight even further streamline your personal care products – you don’t need 10 bottles of perfume. Select the essential products and decant them into travel-sized bottles. Remember all liquids and gels should be sealed tightly and then placed into sealable bags for good measure.

Tip – A change in cabin pressure may cause reusable bottles to contract, so leave a bit room at the top to prevent spillage.

Make a Checklist

There are certain items that you should not leave home without; this includes travel documents, medication, power adapters, luggage tags, and sunscreen. The simplest way to ensure that you do not forget to pack these items is to create a comprehensive list and check it twice. Tick of items only when they have been placed into your bag.

Lastly, approach packing as a gratifying challenge that gets you even more excited about your vacation. Imagine the fun activities you will be doing while wearing each outfit you pack. Remember to pack only what you need and you will be rewarded with plenty of room to fill up with the treasures and mementos from your travel.

Bon Voyage