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Dr. Alla Anastos is the Chief Doctor at US Dental Care – an American dental clinic right in the centre of Moscow. This year is the 20th anniversary of the clinic opening and so we wanted to find out a little more about her.

Where are you from?

I was born and brought up in Ossetia together with my two sisters and brother.

When did you decide to become a dentist?

My father, who was a professor at the university, was ambitious for his children and he guided us towards the careers he thought would suit our skills and personalities best. He didn’t dictate what we should do – it was more of a ‘drip drip’ method over the years to give me the encouragement to become a dentist. He is a very wise man!

Why did you decide to study in America?

Well, I studied in Moscow for 5 years and then did a two-year postgraduate course in prosthodontics. During this time, I had started working as an Assistant at US Dental Care.

There were five American dentists working there and they really opened my eyes to the American way of working. I was so impressed by their system of infection control and general hygiene. As a result, I started wearing surgical masks and gloves at medical school and my professor would tease me saying I looked like I was going to Space!

My decision to study in the USA was influenced by my American colleagues at US Dental Care and, in addition, I was dating an American who wanted to return to the USA to continue his studies.

I was fortunate to be accepted by all the Medical schools to which I had applied, however, I chose to study at Boston Medical School as my boyfriend was now my husband and he was offered a place to study there.

Why did you return to Moscow?

I loved America and became an American citizen, however my husband had always planned to go to Moscow after his exams. US Dental Care reemployed me and I was really keen to implement some new ideas for the clinic that I had picked up in America. It was difficult because although I was passionate about dentistry, I was also very young and it was sometimes difficult to betaken seriously.

One day, back in 2002, I saw a patient from the Russian Government. He was horrified when he walked into the surgery and saw me. He said: ‘I didn’t come here to see a baby,’ and promptly walked out!

You are a specialist implantologist, how did this come about?

Training to be an implantologist was the best investment of my career! I had to travel to New York, once a month, for a year. It was a big commitment in terms of time and money although it was worth it. I was fortunate to have found a mentor and friend in Dr. Arun Garg, one of the top implantologists in the world, who then visited our clinic in Moscow. I am pleased that US Dental can now offer our patients the very best care and expertise when considering implantology. I have patients who fly in just to see me from the USA, Italy and Canada.

What are your goals for the future? Do you plan to expand?

I wish to keep on learning – dentistry is changing all the time with new technology. I also want to continue training the dentists in our clinic and offering our patients the best treatment possible.

I am lucky to have two gorgeous daughters (aged 3 and 5) and they are a lot of fun and I love spending time with them, however, like many women, I have to juggle the work life balance.

How can someone book an appointment with you?

It’s simple! Just phone +7 495 933 8686 or take a look on our

[email protected]

Our Front Desk Staff will be happy to help and I will look forward to seeing you!