Social Movers – Summer 2014

Selection_197Well this is definitely a time to reflect on what has happened, what is going on, and what will be. With the current political and financial crisis, we are seeing a direct effect on business in the nightlife arena. With the new laws on signage and with the new smoking band everyone is waiting to see how these changes will further affect daily business trends.

The big dogs are still trending and doing decent business on a daily basis such as Papa’s, the Standard, and the various Ginza projects. New Startups like the Bud House are making head way but it is not an easy climb and a lot of effort.

Looking forward to the open air and summer Café season, loving the new walk street on Nikolskya, and of course the standard, the Old Arbat.


Selection_198Summer time is open-air time. With only three months of summer, Muscovites try to make the best out of it. Restaurant and club owners rival each other with expensive posh terraces. Last year’s famous ‘Jagger’ place with its open-air beer garden apparently won’t have a terrace this season. But don’t worry, next door’s ‘Mad Place,’ has one of the best terraces I’ve seen this year. ‘Fish,’ the Italian seafood place in front of the Ukraine Hotel, will probably be the most posh terrace in town this summer. As for us, we’re doing Saturday pre-parties at ‘Krysha Mira’, Fridays at ‘Fish’ and ‘Artel Bessonnitza’; Goroby’s new and famous club project. Thursdays we’ll have jazzy network cocktails at Mendeleev, which was recently awarded to be Moscow’s best bar. And for all of the clubbers among you, I have a special deal at ‘Space Club’ for upcoming parties, incl. Tiesto. Write me (on facebook) for details. ‘Space Club’ is the Moscow’s largest club with around 7,000 people per party.


The English International School (EIS)

EIS has been very active over the last two terms of this academic year. We had a very successful school-organized trip to the Sochi Winter Olympics for our Years 6-9 in February, an exciting Book Day in the primary school when the children came dressed in costumes depicting their favourite children’s book character, climaxing with presentations in a special assembly on the day. Secondary students were involved in a Young Scientist competition with COBIS (Council of British International Schools) and hosting an International University Fair. Finally EIS hosted their first Primary Football Tournament with 6 a side teams taking part from local Russian schools, ISM and EIS West Campus on the 29th of April.

Taganka Children’s Fund

Thanks all participants and sponsors of the 9th CHARITABLE BOWLING TOURNAMENT that took place on April 23rd at Bi-Ba-Bo. With your support we raised 156,000 roubles to support children in need from over 700 disadvantaged families in Moscow. Congratulations to the winning team – Mercury! More at

The Swedish Women´s Organisation in Moscow (SWEA)

The SWEA invited Anna-Lena Laurén, journalist at Swedish ”Svenska Dagbladet” and Finnish ”Hufvudstadsbladet”, living in Moscow, to talk about her books. As her latest book is about democratic revolutions in Georgia, Ukraine and Kirgizistan, many people came to listen and to put questions to Anna-Lena who had just returned from Krim and has reported from Kyiv during the past few months. Anna-Lena is very knowledgeable and committed and therefore very interesting to listen to.

David Wansbrough and Nicholai Drovod talk at ELE

With more than 230 meetings since 1998, on April 18 English Language Evenings hosted a lecture with Australian artist and author David Wansbrough and famous Russian Naturalist Nicholai Drodov titled ‘Russian Australia’s Strange Geography, Weird Animals and Strange Weird People’ at the Chekhov Library near Pushkin Square in Moscow.


Monica Bellucci and Dolce&Gabbana helped raising over $12,000 in support of Kidsave’s Teen Mother Program at the dinner organized by Procter and Gamble. Through its programs Kidsave makes sure that every child grows up in a family with love and hope for a successful future.