Keeping Fit Forever


Age, unfortunately has a way of creeping up on us. Hardly do our 30’s seem over and we celebrate 50. Soon after it is the dreaded 60! Some people are blessed with excellent health and a great metabolism that enables them to at least, look in shape, others however are not so fortunate.

Living and working in any major city is not easy and stress creeps in to every aspect of our daily lives. Air quality, noise, traffic, family and business are just a few of our daily challenges. On top of this combination come the endless meetings, business lunches, networking and evening events which can further lead to excessive alcohol consumption, smoke (in Moscow whether you smoke or not!) and a badly balanced diet.

As a recently turned 60 years (young) expat with the normal traits of being somewhat overweight and whilst relatively fit have a lack of serious exercise, I decided that it was time to find out how my motor is working and what I can do now to improve my own quality of life for the next working years and on into retirement.

One of my first steps has been to find a new Health Club. Having tried several in Moscow and found that many are either overfilled and most look at you just as a client and don’t appear to have your health as their principal interest. On receiving an invitation from the new Nikolskaya Health Club I thought that it was worth investigating as research indicated that their offers take a health club into the next league. Not just a pool, machines and aerobics but qualified Doctors, specialists and a treatment based on a proven Austrian programme.

If you live or work in the centre, it is a most convenient location within sight of Red Square. You enter the club through Nikolskaya Plaza and take the escalator down to reception where one is greeted by fountains and wonderfully friendly staff. The changing rooms are more like a club and nothing like a normal fitness club. Beautiful sauna, large showers and even an open fire! How many Health Clubs in Moscow provide bathrobes? Nikolskaya does!

Selection_249The aim of my first visit was to gain an overview of my general state of health. This is not a full medical examination (this can be arranged) rather a special consultation to establish ones Body Mass Index (BMI) which is arrived at on the basis of kg/sq.m. One’s ideal BMI is 18.5 – 24.9 which is described as ‘normal weight’ and at minimal risk. This check indicates your BMI based on the following criteria:-

This is performed by a combination of an EKG for the heart, a breath test, measurements of height, weight, diameter and with a low electrical current that measure the opposition that your body presents to its passage, as electricity doesn’t behave the same as when it goes through fat, muscle or fluids.

So what was the result? To be honest I did not need the test to tell me that I was overweight and did not take enough exercise. I know this but why don’t I do something about it! However you receive a very interesting print out of the test and if you are serious about improving your health it makes interesting reading as one educates oneself to understand the body better and to remain longer on this planet!

So the next stage was to visit a Personal Trainer. The Nikolskaya Health Club uses Technogym equipment from Italy. These are very sophisticated machines that help you exercise and burn calories. Some of the machines look scary but with the help of my personalised training programme and key card, the machine recognizes me, shows me the weight I need, how many exercises I should do and even keeps a record of what I have done! My super fit personal trainer, Gregor took one look at me and laughed (in a nice way) I could see in his eyes that he could see a challenge and away we went. He explained the importance of warming up so the first machine is a cross trainer that offers a combination of step, elliptical and vario, so a cross between a running machine and cross country skiing. With the use of your key card the machine knows how long you should work on it. Quite fascinating to see the calories you are burning. Then it was on to a range of machines for other parts of the body. To finish, a longer session on the cardio machine (more calories burnt) and then stretching, again on a high tech machine. Feeling hot but proud of what I have done on my first visit it was time to relax in the beautiful pool and Hamman before the sauna.

The Nikolskaya Health Club is not cheap but offers exclusive service. It’s not crowded and the service and standards are amazing. They also offer many health programmes on their Arteprevent concept based on the techniques of the Austrian scientist, physician and physiologist Dr. F.K. Mayer and Dr. Alex Witasek from the Innsbruck Health Centre. The possibilities are endless and the wonderful staff will guide and advise what is best for you.

Our health and the future of our lives is in our own hands. If we do something to redress the years of un-healthy eating and lack of exercise 60 is still a young age and we have so much to look forward to!

– Body fat Weight

– Lean (Non-Fat) Body Mass

– Active body cell mass (ACM)

– The percentage of ACM in Lean Mass

– Musculoskeletal Mass (MSM)

– The percentage of MSM in Lean Mass

– Basal metabolism and specific basal metabolic rate

– Total body water

– Extracellular body fluid

– Index of waist – hip measurement

– Percentage of fat mass