Children of the World International Preschool

Selection_203Children of the World International Pre-School was opened in 2008 for children of 2-7 years of age and has gone from strength to strength ever since. Children of the employees of international businesses, foreign embassies and international families attend this school. Many Russian children enrol to the school to learn English and become bilingual in 2-3 years.

It is a very English kindergarten. Not only does it follow the British national curriculum, but all the teachers are experienced, enthusiastic and qualified early childhood specialists from Great Britain. All the staff is committed to providing a great pre-school experience for children.

Activities include: fun outdoor games and wonderful park walks; finger painting; flying kites; feeding animals in the local zoo; baking cup-cakes and organizing tea parties for parents; reading books with a torch at the Pyjama Party; decorating a Christmas tree and writing letters to Santa; playing ‘Bingo!’ and ‘Musical Chairs’; sports competitions and hosting school visitors… Life at the school is child-oriented, bright and memorable! The school somehow manages to allow children to be children yet provide a sound academic programme.

In a city where lots of ‘English curriculum’ pre-schools are trying to copy secondary schools providing ‘English lessons’ to 2-5 year old children, the Chidren of the World International Preschool is a good find. Mrs Prozeraj, the Headmistress commented: “Young children’s brains are equipped to absorb language and learn to speak without the necessity of formal language lessons; they learn by hearing the language spoken around them and adapting what they hear to form their own responses. Children of the World International Preschool provides a total English immersion learning environment where children gain an understanding of the English language simply by going about the daily classroom routine.”

Selection_204The school’s syllabus is fully compliant with the children’s ages. It’s a cosy place with a very friendly and homelike atmosphere. All the activities are cheerful and challenging. The children are listened to, valued, trusted and respected. They feel comfortable and enthusiastic in exploring and discussing the greatest mysteries of language and science.

Children of the World International Preschool is located in a park area of the Golden Keys residential complex and has wonderful outdoors play areas and sports facilities. A small zoo located within the site provides a wonderful opportunity for students to observe animals very closely throughout the year.

“The care and thoughtfulness with our children as human beings is exceptional. I worked across the USA and internationally in education. You are a model in both the philosophy/implementation of pre-school education as well as a model of cultural diversity. I feel so fortunate for my children to be part of Children of the World pre-school.” Said Robert P., a parent of a child at the school.

Selection_205“Children flourish at the Children of the World pre-school, they thoroughly enjoy their learning and achieve extremely well in relation to their starting points”, says Maria G., another parent.

What makes Children of the World pre-school unique is that it gives young children an opportunity to experience an ‘authentic childhood’. The school’s logo is: ‘A great place to grow!’ Nothing can be better for young children than to grow and learn in a safe and challenging environment while having fun and making life-long friends from all over the world.

Children of the World International Preschool

Address: 1G, bld.3, Minskaja str. Moscow


Phone: (963)976-2228