The IWC’s 35th Anniversary

Selection_207Four women who were accompanying their husbands on diplomatic assignments founded the International Women’s Club of Moscow in 1978. Their idea was to bring the women of all foreign nations represented in the Soviet Union’s capital together for friendship, activities and cultural exchange. 35 years later, this original purpose is still relevant and going strong.

The 35th anniversary of the IWC was the theme of the 2013/2014 season in which new activities like a Martini Night, Wine Evening and Charity Art Auction were organized. Regular events received a festive touch: at the September General Meeting, members received a well-stuffed anniversary-themed gift bag, guests enjoyed the birthday cake at the Embassies of the World Dinner and Ball, and the June GM at Stanislavski and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Academic Music Theatre was the finale of this special season.

Selection_208Interest Group in the spotlight: Summer Trips

The IWC organizes over 40 different Interest Groups. Members of the Club can sign up for activities in the categories Art & Craft, Body, Mind & Soul, Children, Cooking, Wining & Dining, Culture, Dance, Languages, Music and Outdoor Sport. Most of these groups run throughout the year, but each summer the IWC, the American Women’s Organization and the British Women’s Club work together to offer their members a series of interesting Summer Trips.

From June till early September, IWC members can explore some of the lovely towns, estates and monasteries surrounding Moscow during a weekly day trip.


Goodbye & Thank You, Izabella

Every summer, there are IWC members that reach the end of their assignment and leave Moscow for a new adventure. This summer, the Club does not only say goodbye to these members, but also to its President since Ms Izabella Zajączkowska, President of the IWC for the past two seasons, returns to Poland with her family.

All IWC members know Ms Zajączkowska as a charming and dedicated President, and especially her Steering Committee colleagues want to thank her for her commitment to the Club and for her collegiality and friendship. Combining her responsibilities as spouse of the Polish ambassador and as IWC President, Ms Zajączkowska efficiently chaired Steering Committee meetings, successfully convinced embassies and other organizations to support the IWC, and made everybody feel welcome in the Club with friendly words and a warm smile.

Ms Zajączkowska will be missed as President, but kept in many hearts as a close friend!


IWC Charities

Since the end of the 1980s, raising funds for charitable activities has become an increasingly important goal for the IWC. At the moment the IWC Charities Group has 21 on-going projects that receive continuous support year by year, but the Group also tries to accommodate emergency requests. The main focus is on children but elderly, destitute and refugees are helped as well. All in all the IWC reaches out to over 1500 people in need in Moscow and close surroundings on a yearly basis, not only with financial support but also with donations (e.g. clothing) and on-site help from a great team of volunteers!