Making Perfect

Teri LindebergLong time expat Teri Lindeberg’s book ‘Making Perfect’ approaches Russian employment issues from an interesting point of view. Instead of basing her research on academic reports or on the books and articles of ‘experts’ who live elsewhere, Teri has based her book on 50 ‘Tea with Teri’ interviews she had with people working in her own company.

The result is a fascinating look at the world of employment in Russia from the employee’s point of view. Issues such as ageism, sexual discrimination, management effectiveness and many others, are talked about as they occur in real-life work situations. The drawback with Teri’s research is that she concentrated her efforts on employees of her own company, which is probably one of the best companies to be employed by in Moscow. Be this as it may, the testimonies provided in this book together with Teri’s own analysis of her chats provide a wealth of information for any serious job seeker or employer who takes his or her company’s work seriously. It’s a must-read for employment on Russia.

You can get this book from:,, and Moscow book shops ‘Respublika, Biblio Globus, Moskva, and Moscow House of Books (MDK)’.