Interview with Simone Hillman


Please tell us about what activities you do together with Germans in Moscow

I write a newsletter for German speaking people, called MosKultInfo (Moskauer Kulturinformationen). The newsletter contains a lot of information about the capital Moscow, other Russian and former Soviet towns and landscapes, about Russian culture, music, literature, architecture, painting, about religion, customs and popular art. There is information about exhibitions, concerts, cinema and theatre. I have a blog, in this you can find articles of back issues. I send the newsletter once a month by email to my readers. Contact: [email protected]

I lead walks through Moscow’s charming places. Everybody knows the Kremlin or Red Square. I want to show the silent places, beautiful narrow lanes, interesting courtyards, churches and monasteries, old houses and market places to individual groups. I offer walks for example through Zamoskvorechye (Samoskworetschie), the Ivanov (Iwanow) Hill, the Golden Mile or the market in Preobrazhenskoye (Preobrazhenskoye). You can find my excursions on
On the eve of Easter or Christmas I organize Origami Parties. We like to fold some figures like Easter bunnies, flowers or Santa Clauses and stars for decoration.

Selection_219What parts of Moscow do Germans find interesting?

I think Germans love all of Moscow’s parks, especially Gorky Park and the new Krim embankment. The Kolomosnkoe (Kolomenskoje) Park with its beautiful churches and the Great Palace in Kolomenskoye. Also of great interest to many are: Kuznetsky Most (Kusnetzkij Most), the Novodevechi (Nowodewitschij) Monastery with its charming cemetery. I especially like the Martha and Mary (Marfio-Mariinsky), it Convent is a lovely place in the centre of Moscow.

Which aspects of Russian culture are most attractive to Germans living in Moscow?

The famous ballet companies, the unique density of high skilled classic orchestras, the interesting nightlife, the collections of old and modern art, the circus, the banya.

Do you enjoy living in Moscow?

Yes, I enjoy living in Moscow because it is exciting and varied; I have found a niche to work here in a German school and kindergarten, and in my leisure time I can engage in a large number of activities.