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Selection_290US Dental Care was established in 1994 as the first American clinic in Moscow. Originally, all the doctors were American although clients were evenly split between Russian and Expatriates, living in Moscow.
It is interesting to see how much dentistry has changed since we started – in every context – procedures, technology and patient care.

Twenty years ago, we would take heroic measures to try and save a questionable tooth – with no guarantee of success. These days, we usually replace it with an implant once the prognosis is 50 -60%.

Although we were up to date with the best technology and equipment available at the time, in 1994, we would never have imagined, that we would have our own CAT scanner machine at the clinic. Using this 3D technology has changed what the dentists can actually see and so allows us to diagnose problems far more quickly and accurately.

Our patients benefit from this with fewer surgical procedures and interventions necessary to save problem teeth. When a tooth can’t be saved, implants are the best option as they are safe, predictable and attractive.
We are proud of the efforts we make to keep US Dental Care up to date with all new technological and medical innovations available. Our doctors regularly attend seminars and conferences.

Cosmetic dentistry is more prevalent than 20 years ago. Having the ‘perfect smile’ is more attainable now and a third of all orthodontic patients are adults. Invisalign is an increasingly popular solution for adults and the newer bracket systems move teeth faster. The newest technology combining orthodontic treatment with periodontal treatment now shortens time required for orthodontic procedures.

Even patient care has developed over 20 years – at US Dental, we consider the care of your teeth a team effort – between the dentist, hygienist and the patient. We develop a Treatment Plan with all our new patients and discussing priorities, procedures and timings. Information is available to our patients at the clinic and on our webpages so they can make informed choices and decisions.

We see that there is less fear and anxiety connected with visiting the dentist in 2014 – our dentists are friendly and approachable and happy to reassure patients and answer their questions. All our doctors speak both English and Russian and we even have an excellent anesthesiologist available to help nervous patients if necessary.

At US Dental Care, we consider ‘Prevention is Better than Cure’ and so we have an education programme for schools. We encourage our patients to see our hygienist three or four times a year and for a check up every six months.

US Dental Care
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