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Springtime in Moscow! What’s new and what’s famous? We are doing Jazz Nights at Mendeleev Bar every two weeks and these are well visited. If you feel more like partying come after midnight and you’ll find some deephouse. For those of you chasing women, I suggest Oblaka. Its not one of our venues, just take it as some free advice. The all-famous partymaker Goroby started a new project, after ‘Imperia’ was closed. Artel Bessonnitza is on the roof of Icon (formerly known as Rai). Its one of Moscow’s more glam venues and hard to get in, but we throw pre-parties there now and then, making it easier to join Moscow’s beautiful and famous, when they are partying. Apart from that we are doing Joys Bar on Saturdays, Klava, SOHO Rooms and Sorry Dedushka on Fridays. Sorry Dedushka is the follow-up of the famous party bar Sorry Babushka, which closed a few years ago. We’ll do a series of pre-openings during the spring, and all of them will be wild parties. See you soon!

All Photos are from the new Goroby place: ‘Artel Bessonnitsa’.

Selection_249This winter was long in coming and now I am not so sure it wants to leave, but hopefully by the time this article comes out Mother Nature will kick us into spring and get everyone in the mood for future outdoor events and venues.

Over the past couple of months, I along with the owners and my partner Doug Steele, have been bathing in the success of the all new ‘Papa’s Bar & Grill.’ The place has taken on a life of its own which caters to all age groups and nationalities; the key ingredient is that it is just a lot of fun. With a great menu and a schedule of amazing weekly entertainment, Papa’s has become known as the place to be. Now of course having said that, I don’t mean that there are no other great venues in city because there are (they just haven’t invited me to the Party ‘LOL’).

The ‘Standard Bar’ is now known for having some of the best food in Moscow, especially their famous roast beef sandwich which is my personal favorite. The place reminds me a lot of the old American TV show called ‘Cheers’ with its cast of characters and always a great atmosphere.

Recently opened in the center of Moscow is the all-new ‘Bud House.’ This is a traditional roadhouse styled restaurant with a full American Menu, pool tables, and soon to have a full weekly entertainment program. The concept is to keep it simple, affordable, and fun.

As far as things to come goes, I am sure that there is an exciting year ahead though and I look forward to being a part of it.