Nikolskaya Health Club

Selection_291The Nikolskaya Health Club is a 2,500 square meter complex in the Nikolskaya Plaza, which is situated right in the heart of Moscow not far from the Kremlin. This is the first health club in Moscow which is geared for both fitness and preventative health programmes.

The concept of our health program is unique because of its complex approach to health resumption. It is based on creative unification of European classical medicine and traditional Russian methods of health improvement, recovery and preventive health care. We pay equal attention to preventive medicine, fitness training, nutrition and cosmetics. This all has a multi-faceted effect on the body that helps to achieve positive results and solve set tasks more efficiently.

Selection_294The price of life in a metropolis is a high degree of body toxification resulting in physical weakness, increased fatigability, changes in color and turgor of the skin, obesity problems, reduced mental energy, etc. Our approach to health recovery is based on a deep purification system, i.e. detoxification that facilitates self-recovery; however, it is not limited to this system.

Our methods are based on individual programs aimed at restoring the proper functioning of respiratory, digestive and cardiovascular systems. Procedures stimulate the venous circulation and microcirculation in tissues, recuperation of exhausted nervous system. We help establish a harmony and balance in the body, mind and soul.

The basic principle of Arteprevent, which lies at the heart of our treatment, is an in-depth diagnostics of all the body systems aimed at identifying abnormalities in human health for further development of an individual program to prevent the diseases.

ARTEPREVENT is a unique concept of integrated prevention and rehabilitation that was developed for citizens of big cities. Treatment combines various conventional techniques (such as acupuncture, various kinds of massage, spa procedures etc.), newest pharmaceutical and machine treatment modalities (cellgym, medcountour, original biologically active additives etc.) with modeling of health lifestyle (primarily reasonably physical training and dietary regime).

Our club’s service programs for any client are to improve their health and to achieve their goals.

Here is a list of our major and ancillary services:

• Diagnostics

• Arteprevent procedures

• Fitness

• Cosmetology

• Thai massage

• Beauty salon

In addition to these services, we offer the following fitness services:

• Gym

• Cardio line

• Pilates

• Kinesis

• Wellness programs

• Swimming pool

Feeling ‘well’ is much more than just training muscles. It is a global system for achieving the balance and equilibrium between mind and body.

Wellness training is based on the science of health and suggests health improvement through influence on the human body by individual physical loads. To this end, we offer:

Relaxation swimming pool with hydro and aero massage, a gym equipped with Technogym press machines with imbedded Wellness System developed specifically for making and monitoring an individual training program. Cardio room and free weights’ zone are at your disposal as well, including Kinesis, Pilates and Yoga studios. Programs and a set of exercises will be chosen for you by a wellness coach in such a way as to help improve your physical fitness.

Try us, you have everything to gain.

Nikolskaya Health Club

+7 495 775 9222

10, Nikolskaya Street, Moscow

[email protected]

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