Integrating FUN or how to spice up your business events

Selection_307What makes a well-planned business event a success? There are many important factors which can influence the outcome, however the high level of an audience’s interest is the ultimate deciding factor. If the audience is not interested, your business will fail. The solution is simple – make sure that you spice it up with innovative ideas and are not afraid to challenge stereotypical approaches toward organizing business events.

Let’s take a closer look. What is the standard format of any business event – several hours of presentation, a couple of coffee breaks and a banquet/buffet/open bar as a finale. When working out the major objectives of any business event, we can define the nature of this format. In the graphic below you can see organizational goals set against the components of a business event:

Selection_308If we take this as being an average formula for a business event, the red-yellow line shows the emotional level of participants. And here comes the main obstacle for organizers – how to keep the attention of an audience on a high emotional level in order to achieve all goals.

No matter how interested you are in the topic of an event, if the time management of a presentation has failed, the new informational and data will overload the audience’s capacity to stay alert. By the end of the first presentation, the emotional level raises in anticipation of a break. This may not sound very professional, but school-day habits remain very much in the subconscious of every grown-up person. Therefore it is crucial to find alternative ways and tools to ‘entertain’ people in order to achieve your set goals.

Such simple psychological observation brings us to the main point of this article – how to integrate FUN and positive emotions into a business event.

First, let’s look at commonly used tools which can help any events manager and business trainer spice up a business event:

Selection_309As we can see, integrating interesting, creative approaches and tools does help us with the emotional/interest level of participants in all parts of the event.

Possible options most organizers would go for are banquets for official ceremonies, stand-up fancy receptions with campaigns and red carpets, gala dinners in restaurants with entertainment programmes and authoritative speakers, and other such variants.

Are they expensive? – Yes. Are they interesting? Will they keep the emotional/interest level high? – Maybe. Are they useful and will they definitely allow achieving all set goals? – Let’s see.

An innovative concept has been offered to the business event market by culinary studio CulinaryON, the largest culinary studio in Russia. The main idea, is to combine the missing high level of interest with socializing activities. Culinary master-class, being very simple by definition, have became this alternative type of event, which has been appreciated by many companies already. CulinaryOn offers the possibility to make a full circle business event in one place, fill it out with any entertainment activity and provide an atmosphere for very productive networking and socializing.

The recipe for this golden mix is the following: 750 sq. meters, which allow hosting an event for over 200 people; a fully equipped conference room, which has a capacity of up to 80 people and a culinary master-class, as an alternative to a banquet and reception. This will entertain all the participants and give him/her a very unique, memorable experience, which will help participants to remember the event itself.

Selection_310Why do culinary master-classes work for business events? A unique and healthy atmosphere is created. Stereotypes are broken down, there is a high level of organization and integration of something very new and unexpected – all this keeps people interested for the entire duration of the event.

Moreover, the cooking process helps brings people together for discussion and negotiation much more effectively than sitting and eating in a restaurant. Being united by a common process and having one goal (in this case – to prepare a good meal), people work in a positive atmosphere, and get to see the results right away. Organizers can still add formal aspects such as speeches. In such a scenario, the ‘FUN’ part will compensate for the informational overload and still leave people with a happy, interesting feeling about event.

Summarizing the above-stated information; there are many ways to change standard business events formats, in energise them to achieve higher goals. One of them has been described in this article. However, the events industry evolves every day, and other variants appear on the market, at the disposal of events manager, as well as for big corporate bosses.

Take a look on the trends of 2014, add a little bit of creativity and do not be afraid to experiment with new formats.