Moscow Good Food Club at Muzey

Selection_032On a dark, wet Autumn evening, the bar and MUZEY, next to the Swissôtel Krasnye Holmy, received Moscow Good Food Club’s (MGFC) members for their October meeting with smiles and a marvellous Aperol Spritzer. Several MGFC members were taken aback by the size of this place which boasts a superb view of the Moscow International House of Music. The design is a fusion of classical and modern, with high, comfortable chairs and soft lighting. Art-house neon lights on the ceiling of the bar area somehow work well together with expressive paintings on the walls.

Executive Chef, Marco Lachetta prepared a special Italian food degustation featuring 4 courses of his specialities accompanied by appropriate wines. The first course, Carpaccio with Salmon set the tone of the evening. This wasn’t simply a thinly sliced salmon Carpaccio, it was salmon plus raspberry, passion fruit and coconut, accompanied by Prosecco Fantinel Extra Dry. The evening was clearly going to be a gastronomic adventure, as the second course, risotto with tomato bisque, mozzarella di Buffala, muzzancole and tartufo proved. This was followed by a fusilli which had a very original flavour, made with Marco’s special ‘Spelta’ flour.

We were then treated to some superbly cooked Australian Angus beef sirloin with mushrooms. Comments such as: ‘the most deliciously cooked steak I have ever eaten in Moscow’ resounded around the tables.

The Panna Cotta with Wasabi which was served up as desert was by all accounts one of the most bizarre and amazing deserts some guests have experienced. Brightly coloured, it was reminiscent of an Andy Warhol poster, and contained layer after layer of exquisite taste explosions. The Limoncello from southern Italy was suitably strong and sweet to provide a final closing drink to a great evening.

Guests mused over the question of the evening:

Winter is approaching! What preparations do you feel are the highest priority to make winter in Moscow more survivable?

Owing to the increasing number of participants, space does not permit printing all the many and varied suggestions. Here are a selection:

“… a good group of friends to go out with”, “…a robust sense of hope”,

“…a holiday somewhere sunny”, “to block off part of the Moscow river where it splits, the skinny part, and leave that frozen for ice skating, barbeques, leisure…”, “more cosy MGFC gatherings…”, “a very good winter coat and a shapka, a trip to the banya…”