Moscow Good Food Club at OSTERIA della piazza BIANCA



Genuine, warm Italian hospitality welcomed members of the Moscow Good Food Club to the Osteria della Piazza Bianca for their September meeting. The Osteria della Piazza Bianca is located in the White City Square which is now becoming quite a centre for restaurants and bars.

The eclectic mix of Russians and expats members were greeted personally by Salvatore the Executive Chef and Giovanni the pasta and risotto chef. These artists created an ambience of superb food and hospitality so typical to an Italian restaurant (but sadly missing in Moscow).

Members were tempted to a range of tasty Italian snacks as they arrived accompanied by a refreshing Prosecco. When called for dinner they eagerly took to their seats in anticipation of the special meal to come! The third member of the Osteria della Piazza Bianca team, Gabriele the sommelier had prepared special wines to accompany the dishes prepared by his colleagues. These were young and fresh and most complementary to the dishes.

Starting with Red Tuna tartar beautifully presented with a trio of goat cheese and followed by an amazingly rich risotto with mint, mushrooms and prawns, MGFC members had to remember to keep space for the main course of wonderfully fresh see bass filet with sautéed fresh artichokes. A spectacular dessert rounded off an amazing Italian experience.

Whilst new and rather brash in a downtown city style, Osteria della Piazza Bianca offers superb fresh Italian cuisine with friendly service. The keys to the success of this new establishment are the most amenable chefs and sommelier who constantly check on all guests from start to end.


Moscow Good Food Club members have to work hard for their food! Not only do they have to share their opinions on the food, but also answer a question or two about living in Moscow.

The evening’s question was: Sergey Sobyanin has been recently re-elected as Mayor of Moscow.  What is your ‘wish list’ of the 5 main changes that you would like to see him make to improve the quality of our lives in Moscow?

Table 1

Glen Collins: clamping vehicles should be reinstalled, signs on the walls in the Metro to be in English as well as Russian, air ambulances should be introduced, a fine should be introduced for spitting, people should be made to smile more, proper public toilets should be built. When I first came to Moscow it was 11 roubles to go to the toilet, it’s now 30. All new buildings to have compulsory underground car parks.

Table 2

Lucy Kenyon: 24 hour metro, drivers to move their cars to the side of the road when there is an accident, Russian state schools should be opened to expats, people who jump red lights should be fined, all street markets should come back so that local people can sell their produce from their dachas. We want faster trains to the airport, and air traffic at Domodedova should be limited so that the airport doesn’t get clogged up.

Table 3

Simon Scotting, Director of Shoreline: friendlier policemen, no more hot water stoppages during the summer, and shorter winters please.

Table 4

Mike Winn: less road works, more questionnaires in restaurants.