The European Businesses Association

Dr. Frank Schauff

Dr. Frank Schauff

What is your role in Moscow’s business scene?

AEB plays an active role in Moscow business life. We are developing cooperation between Moscow and European business circles through high profile conferences, briefings, round tables and other business events. The AEB is working on improving the business and investment climate in Moscow in the interests of its member companies and promotes a favourable image of Russia abroad to improve business development conditions inside the country and attract foreign investors. AEB also works with state entities, international financial organizations and cultural institutions in Russia. Our association members have been working for several years to make Moscow a top international financial center.

Who are your members?

Our members are both leading European companies as well as small and medium companies.  AEB is an active community of about 630 members, providing a network for sharing opinion and experience. The AEB is an advocate of its members’ opinions, generated in 40 industrial and cross-sectorial committees, sub-committees and working groups.

In your opinion what are the greatest challenges facing expats in Moscow?

Life in Russia, and in particular, in Moscow is full of challenges and surprises! However, a little preparation both before and after your arrival can be of immense benefit throughout the rest of your stay. You should be prepared for the fact that not many Russians speak English and navigating throughout Moscow might be difficult at the beginning. You might also discover that current immigration procedures are quite complicated. The Moscow bureaucracy still appears to be consolidated and pervasive, but the authorities are moving to improving conditions for doing business and living in Moscow.